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Tammy Torres Produced by Madd&co.

1/08/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

When Madd&co. does a special event they always go a bit further then the rest do to obtain that "LOOK" that separates the beginners from the Pros..

"In Girls We Lust"
An Uber Sexy Traveling Event that is co-hosted by 3-7 of the hottest most luscious vixens paired with one of your favorite entertainers did it up BIG on Thanksgiving Night in Miami At B.E.D. Nightclub & Restaurant.

Tammy "Miss Officer" Torres led the pack along with Sagia , Jessica Maria, Marybeth & Maria Del Pilar for this over the top event Hosted By Fat Joe & Michael Madd.

"When you need that look... you gotta get that look.."

The Photo Shoot which was organized for images used for the invitation was nothing less sexy.

On site for the shoot was Miami's Most diligent special event photo agency "NLPG Images" to capture all the right moments.

Produced by: Madd&co.

Photographer: Patrick Adams - 2starzstudios

Photos: NLPG Images • The 305

Video: Halo Media Entertainment

Soundtrack: Diddy - "Dirty Money's Last Train To Paris" Album

By by Halo Media Entertainment