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Behind the scene shooting Mickey Avalon

3/28/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Behind the scene of our shoot with Mickey Avalon.

Mickey Avalon (born Yeshe Perl on December 3, 1975) is an American rapper from Hollywood, California.

Mickey has a unique rhyming style and raps mostly about his experiences on the streets with drugs and prostitution. He was a member of the Dyslexic Speedreaders, a rap group which also includes rappers Dirt Nasty, Andre Legacy, and Beardo. Dirt Nasty, Beardo, and Andre Legacy all appear in Avalon's recent music video, "Fuckin' 'Em All".(*)

Mickey Avalon's Website

The photographers  Ian & Erick regnard aka tungsten

Born in Mauritius in 1966, Ian and Erick Regnard took up their first camera as a passion to capture the ocean’s underworld. Although fascinated by photography it is not until later on when their family migrated to Australia that they saw an opportunity to evolve from their basic skills. It is of their upbringing around the sea that draws them constantly back to the ocean for most of their work. Tungsten is a collaboration of both brothers on every level, from ideas, composition, direction and photography and mostly concentrate on Sport, Lifestyle and portrait photography.
With 17 years of experience, their clients list includes amongst others; Sport Magazine, Multiplex, Tracks, Quiksilver, Curve, SurfEurope, Billabong, Surfer, TransworldSurf, Etnies, Woodside, Rip Curl, Spy Optics, FHM, Australian Traveller, Discover Magazine, Bloomberg and more. (*)

- Finalist in the 2008 Hasselblad Masters.

by ian regnard | website | blog

(*) See more informatiĆ³n