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DitoGear PortaSlider Prototype Testing

3/27/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A few days ago we headed for a short trip to test out a first prototype of the DitoGear PortaSlider which is a new, modular timelapse slider dedicated to entry-level an professional timelapse shooters.

We wanted to check how the concepts worked and gave a hard-testing run to the new product. With a total of 14 one-meter track units and 2 trolley designs to test out we had a lot of fun!

The track joints seem to work flawlessly and really precisely even on such long track. The trolley need some refinements and this week we're going to test out a new, improved design.

Preparing for shots with a 14 meter track takes some time, but it is definitely worth effort giving a whole bunch of new creative options for shooting.

Now about the slider at a glance:
- continuous and and drive-shoot-drive mode, 2 way w/ shutter control
- modular track design (0.5m, 1.0m, 2.0m modules)
- controller and user interface integrated with motor and trolley
- very basic video mode w/optional controller (left, right, speed adjustment)
- horizontal & diagonal operation w/ lightweight cameras

- option of connecting the OmniSlider controller for a full-blown set of features (planned)
- very (!) affordable price (to be announced soon)


More info soon so keep in touch!​ditogear​ditogear

by Patryk Kizny