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Light Painting Tutorial: Orb Techniques

3/27/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

A few hours we posted a video about light painting with the name "ball of light.". Ok, now we show you with the help of "Light Painting Tutorial" how to do it.
If never did this before, I can tell you that is a nice and different experience how photographer. You have to tray it, it is very rewarding.

Light Painting Tutorial: Orb Techniques

This light painting photography tutorial will show you two of the basic techniques for creating an orb using a light source that you can spin.​

The link that shows you how to make the light tool that was used is​light-painting-tutorials/​jason-d-page/​simple-orb-tool/​

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Excellent tutorial, you have explained it very well. Will give a try soon.