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[FRAMED] Episode 13: Quavondo

4/28/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

If you get to know him, or even if you get the chance to spend an hour with him, you'll find that his knack for creativity, jokes and sarcasm are a must. Meet Quavondo.

After a long standing freelance design career, Quavondo decided to follow his "personal legend". Driven by an incredible passion for photography, design, and 80's music, Q is known for his amazing conceptual and fashion shoots along with his dramatic lighting, fantastic post processing work, ESPN and other magazine covers, his internationally awarded IPA photos, Top Ten Getty Images and iStock photos.

Quavondo takes us to his personal studio in the heart of Portland, OR where he shows the simplicity of how to use one simple light for an amazing outcome for his fashion portfolio.

Photographer: Quavondo

Model: Jessie Brown

Hair & Makeup: Madeline Roosevelt