Master Any Lighting Setup With The Help Of set.a.light 3D

A Simple 3 Hard Light Setup: A Lighting Lesson

4/14/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Jay P. Morgan Photography.
In this lesson we will look at lights that don't have any soft boxes or light modifiers. I used heads with reflectors only. In the right setting and with the right subject this can look very good. We did cheat and use 3 pieces of foam core and one umbrella, but looking back now we could have not used the umbrella and been fine. We were shooting Katie Lohmann for a different shoot and she suggested the super Girl outfit. At first I was a little reluctant until I looked at some comic book art and started to see the shot. Things came together and the thought of shooting with hard light was very appealing to me. I was very happy with the outcome.
The video was shot on the Canon 5D, 7D and using Red Rock micro rigs.