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5 things to do with your GoPro Camera - Part I

5/15/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

1. GoPro Underwater Shark Experiment

A shark dive in the Bahamas with a GoPro HERO Wide HD camera in a modified underwater housing by Eye of Mine. Aside from placing in the timeline, footage is unmodified.
by Eric Cheng

2.Huge Bike Jump into a Pond 35 feet in the air 

For the shots with the camera on the biker, we used an HD Surf GoPro. It was my first time working with a GoPro, and I was super skeptical at first because of the small size of the camera, but with its slomo, and easiness to use after you spend a little of time with it, it worked great. And I was surprised how well it cut with the footage from our Canon cameras. No disappointments. All the GoPro footage was shot at 60fps as well, and 720p.

by devinsupertramp

3. 101 Meters World Record - "Save The Dolphins"

Here is William Trubridge attempting to break the world record of freediving the deepest in history...diving straight down with no fins, no oxygen, no assistance, in an effort to make awareness that we need to protect our wildlife, and specifically our dolphins.

by Matthew Brown

4.  Windsurfing POV on SF Bay

Water / P.O.V. / time lapse: GoPro HD Hero (
Land-based: Canon Digital Rebel T2i and Canon 5D Mark II

by Ian Boyd

5. Experience Human Flight ( a classic )

We posted weeks before, but I like and I think is a classic that shows us what we can do with a GoPro.

by Betty Wants In