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5 things to do with your GoPro Camera - Part II

5/16/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

1. MyPOV360 1-6-11 Promo

A video showcasing choice footage from the Drift Innovation HD170 action sports camera, the GoPro HD Hero Camera, and the Contour 1080P camera.

by MyPOV360

2. Children of the Sky

Base jump adventures in Lauterbrunnen, the Kandersteg Valley and heli drops over the Eiger, with awesome wingsuiters from around the world.

Footage shot with GoPro Hero HD

by steph davis

3. Byron Bay Lighthouse - Aerial video

This was shot early morning at Byron Bay Lighthouse. I used my Octocopter and only FPV with my spotter. Taken with the GoPro 720p shot at 60fps.
It was a beautiful morning with only a light breeze from the west.

by Simon Jardine

4.  Undercover Wheels presents: The Richie Eisler Pro Model 2011 in 3D

Once again it's the Regina crew skating the Regina plaza on Richie's new Undercover pro wheel. The wheel is now available at shops worldwide.

This edit was shot with two Hero GoPro cameras taped together to achieve a 3D effect. Get your retro 3D glasses on, pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy.

ps. Wheel review and photos can be found here:​2010/​10/​21/​undercover-wheels-richie-eisler-pro-model-2011/​

 by dick rich

5.3 Days in Rio (personal vacation 2011)

My first video with my new GoPro.

Track: "Gonna Build a Mountain" - Broadcast 2000

Edited and colored on Final Cut 6.

Further info:

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