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DIY open helmet with a HDSLR: Part I

5/08/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

We put together this helmet from mostly home depot parts with the idea of getting an entirely POV piece to show what it is like to be a player preparing for the combine.

We put the piece together with the NFL Network team and the piece is aired on tv during the combine and is on here​videos/​nfl-combine/​09000d5d81e6c089/​2011-Combine-Open

from the tech side, we have a write-up on the helmet construction and camera, lens choices here on our EDU blog​2011/​02/​02/​constructing-the-helmet-cam/​

here is a review of our first shoot with the rig at radio row in dallas​2011/​02/​05/​helmet-cam-at-radio-row-dallas/​

by stillmotion