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Visual Poetry by Chris Orwig

8/06/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Many photographers are self-taught, and others learn from the best. And this photographer, is one of the best. Why? Because he has found his voice and followed his passion. Because of that, he was a large piece of what many of us use today...Adobe Photoshop. He is sought after by celebrities to spread his wisdom, was featured on TEDx, he teaches on the great resource of, and is currently changing lives one student at a time.

Chris Orwig brings passion to all that he does. He has an insatiable knack for creativity and discovery. Chris is a celebrated photographer, author, speaker, interactive designer and on the faculty of Brooks Institute of Photography is Santa Barbara, CA. His work is widely sought after and enjoys a diverse client base including professional surfers, musicians, artists, etc.

In fact, many of our [FRAMED] artists have attended Brooks Institute and have told us the incredible influence that Orwig has had on their work, their art, their vision, and most importantly, their lives.

Join him today as he gives us a tour of Brooks, shoot some film, speaks inspiration and even gives a sneak into his skills on Lightroom and Photoshop.

Photographer: Chris Orwig

Chris's latest book: Visual Poet

Chris's forthcoming book: Click here

Enjoy more detailed training and tutorials on here

Model: Jeff Johnson and - the movie he played the lead role in

Brooks Student / Assistant: Shaun Walton - portfolio site