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Yellow | The next viral video?

11/27/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Now I discover this short film ( 60 seconds ) with only 1 play last Nov 23rd  . It is not a video about photography, but I like. Simple and well done. Take your time.....and please,  watch it . 

This can be a viral video. Maybe you will  retweet it, because it is  really good. But, do not forget me.

As the man in yellow moves through the quiet city streets, he steadily presses on toward his next and future destinations.

Cast and Crew: Joshua Quentin Cherry, Motke Dapp, Chad McClarnon, Trista McClarnon

Written by Motke Dapp, Joshua Quentin Cherry, and Josh Jones

Director and Editor: Motke Dapp

Coloring and Credits: Motke Dapp and Joshua Quentin Cherry

Director of Photography: Chad McClarnon

Music by Rae Hering

Audio Engineer: Bryan Levay

by Fighting With Forks