Suzan Mikiel - Street Photographer with the iPhone


Yes, it is a nice way to use your iPhone, maybe the most useful street camera today. A nice inspiration.

Suzan Mikiel talks about her life and how doing street photography with her iPhone helps her see the world in a new perspective. Plus noting the differences of shooting in New York City as to Los Angeles.

by Christian Peacock

Hochzeits-Shooting @ Foehr


Fotos: Dietrich Kuehne // dietrich-kuehne.com
Video: Gerhard Kuehne
Musik: Benny Greb

by dietrich kuehne

M&R Behind the scenes at Desertfish by


I was commissioned to make a behind the scenes video for the designers Mehr & Riddhima and their shoot by photography maestro Peter Richwiesz at Desertfish Studios.

Behind the scenes videography and post production
Altamash Urooj

Photography : Peter Richwiesz
Model : Edyta Kochanowska
Producer : Shub Qureshi
Make up : Tonee Roberio

Music provided by Sabrine


Sexy Tiffany Selby Alpha Pro Nutrition Photoshoot


A behind the scenes look of an Alpha Pro Nutrition shoot with supermodel Tiffany Selby! alphapronutrition.com/​ Check out her galleries on Alpha Pro Nutrition's website alphapronutrition.com/​

by Alpha Pro


Harper's Bazaar with Zhang Ziyi | July BTS


Co-produced by Harper's Bazaar Korea
Photographer | YongBin Choi
Actress | ­Zhang Ziyi

by GDW


Matt Joyce photo shoot - Preston Mack, the Athletic Shooter


This is my photo blog about my Sporting News photo shoot with Tampa Bat Rays OF Matt Joyce

About Preston Mack:

He is a graduate of the University of Miami's School of Architecture. He shoots assignments for magazines such as Reader's Digest, The Sporting News and Forbes Magazine. He shoots for advertising agencies such as Yellow Shoes Creative, The Meyocks Group, GSD&M, Carol H Williams Agency, PUSH and Fry Hammond Barr. His corporate clients include Walt Disney World, Southwest Airlines, Pillsbury, GM, Kraft, Hy-Vee and Tupperware. (*)

You can read more about Preston, on PocketWizard Blog.

by Preston Mack

Speedo - Behind the scenes


A behind the scenes look at the Speedo "All I need is water" campaign.

Photographer: Aaron Okayama
Videographer: Graham Koffler
Video Editor: Cale Bunker
by Aaron Okayama


Jimmy Kimmel THR Behind the scenes by photographer Wesley Mann


Jimmy Kimmel
behind the scenes video on the set of a "The Hollywood Reporter " magazine photoshoot.

Photographer: Wesley Mann

by Raphael Laski

GQ Magazine - Anna Faris by Peggy Sirota


In the song scoring the video we did for Anna Faris’s GQ photospread, the band launches into a chorus of, “I like you so much better when you’re naked. I like me so much better when you’re naked.” We liked ourselves a lot that day (insert winky face here).

Cinematography by Daniel Fickle.
Postproduction by Two Penguins
Photographer: Peggy Sirota

The finals shoots: Anna Faris Photos: GQ.com

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Carlos Lascano Stop Motion Tutorial With CineSlider


Carlos Lascano is one of the top names in Stop Motion photography, so Kessler was honored when Carlos crafted this piece as a primer for the making of stop motion video with the CineSlider and Oracle Control System. So for those of you who ever had an interest in making stop motion, here's Carlos to show you how it's done.

by Kessler Crane

Making of a Yeti hunt photoshoot


Risked life and limb to capture the ever elusive glacier-being that is the Yeti, foraging through Tibetan wildness and finally tracking him to a remote spot on Mount Kailash. ( read more..)

by Matt Barnes

Sport Photographer Martin Sundberg and the LowePro Photo Sport AW


Photographer Martin Sundberg takes the Photo Sport AW along for an extreme workout in one of his favorite locations.

"I specialize in capturing people passionate about life and what they do - while they are doing it."

An accomplished skier, paddler, and endurance enthusiast, Martin surprises the athletes and models he's assigned to keep up with - even with 35 pounds of camera gear on his back! While his ability to get into challenging landscapes to find unique points of view separates him from the pack, his mastery of light and composition produces images outside the ordinary.

A former biology teacher from  Minnesota, Martin now makes his home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  When not traveling on assignment he enjoys paddling his surf skis on the bay, particularly when the Golden Gate wind tunnel whips the Bay into a froth.

Martin shoots for publications such as  National Geographic Adventure, Men's Journal, Outside and Runner's World, as well as for corporate clients, outdoor catalogs and educational institutions. He keeps his educator's teeth sharp by teaching digital photography workshops from the Bay Area to the Galapagos Islands.( via lowepro)

by Daymen

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BASIC.Fear God |Behind the Scenes


by Michael Knorr

Annie Leibovitz Shoots Nike Women’s Ad: Behind the scenes


In 2010, Nike ignited the Make Yourself movement to inspire and motivate women everywhere to achieve their goals and become the best ‘versions’ of themselves, whatever this may be: fit, proud, fast, healthy, strong or beautiful...

Inspiration meets aspiration – unveiling the Make Yourself Team.

Nike is famed for its ads and the famous Annie Leibovitz was selected with the sports brand to launch its latest - Make Yourself.

The assembled cast are the elite of the world's female athletes including  tennis players Maria Sharapova and Li Na, track-and-field stars Allyson Felix and Perri Shakes-Drayton, soccer player Hope Solo, dancer Sofia Boutella, and surfer Laura Enever.

Make Yourself Team Group

Make Yourself Team: Maria Sharapova

Make Yourself Team: Allyson Felix

(photos: By BitchBuzz )

by Lady Sneakerhead

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52 weeks project: Behind the scenes Photo of the Week 25/52


Paolo is a good example that with good ideas, you can get nice pictures. He does not need more. An inspiration for everyone.

Lens Canon EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS @150mm | ISO 100 | 1/125s @ f/5,6 | Manfrotto's tripod

location: andrate, italy
total shots: about 60
shooting time: 30min
mode: self-timer
camera (photo): canon 40D
concept, model and photo: paolo martinez

Strobist :
- Canon Speedlite 430EX II, into Lastolite Ezybox 38X38cm, @1/2 power
- (backlight) natural sunlight
- Triggered by Elinchrom Skyport Universal Speed Set

filmed by: nounou | camera (movie): canon powershot G12 | editing: paolo martinez
music: 'sanfona' performed by richard galliano ©2007

website: paolomartinez.it/​
flickr: flickr.com/​photos/​paolomartinez/​

by Paolo Martinez

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PhotoflexLightingSchool- Kevin Kubota Shoots a Band


Internationally renowned wedding and portrait photographer Kevin Kubota takes you behind the scenes of his band shoot with Bend, Oregon band Lyible!

To make this scene possible, Kevin used the Photoflex battery powered strobe the TritonFlash with a small OctoDome as his key light. To fill, he used a mix of the Photoflex StarFlash and Nikon Speedlights.

Want more free lighting lessons? Check out PhotoflexLightingSchool.com. Also, make sure to pick up Kevin Kubota's "Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers" available Summer 2011.

by Photoflex


Kayaking Photography Tips by Jerry Monkman


In this video, New Hampshire based conservation photographer Jerry Monkman explains how to keep your camera gear safe while shooting from a kayak.

EcoPhotography features the distinctive adventure, nature, and travel photography of Jerry and Marcy Monkman. Known for their conservation work in New England's wild places, the Monkmans have spent the last fifteen years artfully documenting the mountains, forests, and coastlines that define the region. In 2002, they were awarded a communications award by the Northern Forest Alliance in recognition of their "vision and excellence in chronicling the story of the Northern Forest through photography." Staying true to their mission of "promoting ecological awareness through creative photography," their images have contributed to raising awareness and funds to protect a diverse collection of wild places, from a small Connecticut trout stream not far from New York City, to New Hampshire's Great Bay, to Maine's Debsconeag Lakes in the Northern Forest. (read more.. )

by Jerry Monkman

John Ker Photography - Behind The Scenes commercial for Montrail Footwear


Behind the scenes on my first project combining still photography and video. I decided to shoot a spec commercial for Montrail Footwear, a leader in the trail running shoe industry. Although the subject matter is a departure for my usual stuff, I tried to bring my photographic style to the project, which meant lots of artificial light.

This shoot was done over two days, on location near Hamilton, Ontario. This project was a huge learning experience for me, not to mention a lot of fun. Thanks to my awesome crew Sarah, Mike, Aubree, and Hugh for coming out and helping make it happen.

I've added a new section called "tech talk", at the end of the video, explaining some of the gear I used and other camera nerd information.

The spec commercial will be released sometime in July 2011.

Visit johnker.com and facebook.com/​johnker for more photos and behind the scenes action.

by John Ker Photography & Motion


Ashiie Delight's Candy Photoshoot


I am someone who is very inspired by music and its lyrics, even more so when there's a fabulous video clip to back it up. When Katy Perry's "California Gurls" came out it was exactly what I wanted to re-create in a photoshoot.
It's so much easier to create something when you truly believe in it and are passionate about creating the best results. You all seem to like the pics so far, well here's the behind the scenes video.

by Ashleigh Jade

Three tips by Scott Kelby - Camera Height


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DIY Ring Light


A while back Geoff discovered an old beauty dish at the studio and set out to make something out of it. So with a trip to Lowes a constant source Ring Light was made.

by @fotoseeds


Perfect camera for street photography: New Leica M9-P


Today Leica presents a new version of the Leica M9, the world's smallest full-frame digital camera: Leica M9-P

The Making of M9-P in Venice

Magnum photographer Alex Majoli took the new Leica M9-P on a journey through Venice. Alex Majoli accompanied one of the around 700 gondolieri for several days and captured a sensitive portrait of the gondolier and his city. Here is a behind the scenes view of Alex's journey through Venice.

Unobtrusive, Discreet, and Resilient: the New Leica M9-P

The M9 now has a twin sister, the new Leica M9-P. In technological terms, they are absolutely identical twins and feature precisely the same high performance qualities. The only differences are found in a few characteristic details.(read more, via  leica-camera.com) and discover the first shots captured with the new Leica M9-P.

Official Leica M9-P video

Introduction to Light Shapers by DC Chavez


by Profoto USA

The athlete David "Dai" Greene | Promotional Shoot


Dai Greene is the current Commonwealth and European Champion for the 400m hurdles representing Great Britian. I had the honour of shooting some promo shots for him. Enjoy...

Photographer: James Green
1st Assistant: Owain Shaw

by James Green

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Lightenupandshoot London 2011


Short video cilp from the London workshops by Mike and Andy from lightenupandshoot. Filmed by Jarek Jarosz for Artperience Collective, Music David Ospina

by Jarek Jarosz


Street Photography by Adorama TV


Adorama Photography TV presents Digital Photography One on One with Mark Wallace. In this week's episode Mark answers several questions about street photography, with urban street portraiture as a focus. Watch as Mark walks through the process of capturing images while out and about in the city.

Visit adorama.com/​learn for more photography videos!

Send your questions to: AskMark@Adorama.com





Clarks Originals 2011 - Photoshoot (Behind the Scenes)


by RedHavoc Media

"The Rider" Nokia Short - Behind the Scenes


How film a professional video with a telephone?

Pitch for the Nokia/Vimeo short film competition.

Set in Montana c.1900. A lone rider arrives and enters an abandoned barn. Guilt ridden, he plans to end his life but instead has an encounter that brings hope of redemption. We have a wonderful Barn location, great potential cast and crew members, access to horses and costume, breathtaking scenery and a passion to create a unique and evocative western short. We have the rare opportunity to film in a coveted location. We are excited to use the NokiaN8 to its full potential; adapting it to equipment that will help create visuals and movement in an innovative and cinematic way. 

by Josh Brooks

Zombie Boy & Jac for Fashion Magazine


Photoshoot for Fashion Magazine Summer Issue with Zombie Boy & Jac. Autorzy: Andrzej Cieplik/I LIKE PHOTO Michał Kluszczyński/FASTFRAME



Steve McCurry Donates Prints from Last Kodachrome Roll


Iconic National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry donates his images from the last historic roll of Kodachrome film off the Kodak production line to George Eastman House during a press conference in the museum on Monday, June 13th.



The most beautiful horses in the world as seen by Yann Arthus-Bertrand


Meeting with famous photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, behind the scenes of his latest book "Horses."

by Peignoir Prod

De La Garza | Lookbook Summer 2011 with Zombie Boy


Hot summer Lookbook by De La Garza with model Zombie Boy shoot by Marcin Kempski from I Like Photo.

Editor: Michal Kluszczynski / fastframe
Dop: Andrzej Cieplik / ilike-photo.com

by I Like Photo Group

How To Create Vignettes in Photoshop by Sean Armenta




This is a quick tip on how to use two c-stands with arms as a background stand for seamless paper or canvas backdrop.

by Sean Armenta


Foshini fashion shoot


by benitha vlok

Making the perfect kayak action shot - Red Bull Illume


Kayak photography is nearly as challenging as kayaking itself. Keeping equipment dry but getting into the action is no easy task.

Red Bull Illume followed photographer Vitek Ludvik from the Czech Republic on his shoot with Olympic kayaker Vavra Hradilek to find out how he got a great shot in the rapids - without getting his camera wet.

The brief was to get a close up picture where you can see Vavra's face and kayak in action. Check the video to see how it was done.

for more awesome shots check out http://RedBullIllume.com

(via PocketWizard )

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Joe McNally Photography- Nikon D3 Promo


Joe McNally  update today this video with better quality. It is not new, but it is interesting. And as you know I like McNally´s videos.

Behind the scenes video from Joe's Nikon D3 catalog shoots.

Benoit Rousseau: A street photographer in Paris


About Benoit Rousseau:

I discovered photography in 2008 and decided to make it my main leisure. Before that I never pressed the shutter of an SLR...

I was wrong: shooting a good photo is a pleasurable moment. As soon as I have time (rarely between a job board director and a large family), I go hunting moments.

I am equipped with professional equipment: Canon 5D, 24mm f1.4 L, 50mm f1.4, 85mm f1.2 L, 150mm F.2.8, 16-35 mm f2.8 L, 24-70 mm f2.8 L, 28-300 f3.5-5.6 L before and I still dream of a 35mm f1.4 L, 70-200 f2.8 L or a new camera.

If you want to help me develop my art;) any proposal is welcome. I am especially attracted by human subject in urban context, snapshot, report ; those are, for the moment, my main practise ... But sometimes, when I have no choice, I shoot nature. The more I improve my work, the harder it is to produce good pictures ; but as long as we improve, the desire to go on remains.

If some of these pictures inspire you, thank you to let me know via Guestbook

Benoit Rousseau - Street Photography's photostream:








by Gael Mouello

Ilan Wolff - moongram


Since 1981 Ilan Wolff has specialised in creating photographs using the Camera Obscura technique with cameras made from old boxes or cans. Nowadays he mainly uses his van and ordinary room interiors to create large images. Since 1993 Ilan Wolff has been giving regular workshops in Pin Hole photography with the Camera Obscura and using photographic emulsion to create images on different surfaces.

A video by Jose Raya and Manuel Ontiveros

Canon 5d MKII x2
After Effects

Jose Raya: rayapixels@gmail.com
Manuel Ontiveros: manuel.e.ontiveros@gmail.com
Ilan Wolff: ilanwolff.com/​en

Ilan Wolff

by Raya Pixels


Making of: "Les amusements de Monsieur Bunny"


Part I

Part II

by Justine Szczepanczyk

How to make Break away Glass: A lighting Lesson


What a blast we had shooting and lighting break away glass. It was fun to make it, break it, and light it. In this video we will show you how to make Candy glass and then introduce you to the premier Hollywood product used on set today.

We used products made by Alfonso's Breakaway Glass, I first used this stuff out at Universal Studios back lot when we had a cowboy jump through a window pane. So far its been great stuff and comes molded as bottles, cups and just about anything you could want.

We also just started using some great Kessler equipment to make this video. I have used several sliders and tested countless others but the CineSlider and Shuttle Pod are by far the best. Check out the stills and other info on our Facebook page. Links down below. Enjoy!





Nightsurf vs NIKE CHOSEN


Nightsurf by Iker Elorrieta (via photoblog.hk)

Nike Chosen by Nike 6.0

Two videos with big lights and about surf,  similar styles, but  what do you prefer Nightsurf (2/2011) or Nike Chosen (6/2011)?


FLARE - Award Winning Shoot


2011 National Magazine Award Winner - FASHION EDITORIAL.

Photographer: Chris Nicholls
Stylist: Liz Cabral
Model: Coco Rocha
Art: James Conran

When we did the shoot over a year ago, James (then my boyfriend) came on set with me and thought he was just going to have a relaxing day reading his book while I worked! Turned out Chris the photographer heard James was an artist and asked him to draw chalk backgrounds for every shot we took. The whole project turned out great and I am so proud of the team for winning this award.

About Chris Nicholls:

Born in England and raised in Canada, Chris Nicholls has emerged as one of the most sought after fashion photographers, splitting his time between New York and Toronto.  He lives with his wife Lorca and his three children. (*)

by Coco Rocha

The High-Fashion Photographer - Grasshopper.com


It is only a funny video.

The making of stop motion film "HOPE"


A behind the scenes look at how "HOPE" was created. Shot and edited for toddbiss.com

by Tom Wilson


Using Phase One, 3 of 3: Shooting on location, UrbEx fashion


This video goes behind the scenes at a shoot by Miss Aniela taking place in an abandoned building in rural Kent, UK. This was a fashion shoot using the costumes of a London fashion designer along with a model and hair/make-up stylist.

The shoot was done with a Phase One 645DF and P40+ back, 75 - 150mm lens, along with a Photoflex TritonFlash kit with small octodome. The video highlights the benefits of using top quality photography gear that is also perfectly adapted to shooting on location in this environment.

The video also takes a quick look at the processing workflow, from original image out of camera, through to TIFF output from Capture One Pro and adjustments in Photoshop. It ends with editorial spreads produced from the final range of images.

See images and more write-up on Miss Aniela's blog:

Photography and styling by Miss Aniela
Assistant: Matt Lennard
Costumes: Ara Jo
Model: Samantha Jane
Hair & make-up: Hellie Last

Thanks to Phase One and Photoflex

LED In The Window


With a simple setup: a powerful LED light and a window,   Tim Engle Photographer gets dramatic pictures. Nice

by Tim Engle


Svend Pedersen - Food photographer


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Light Painting to solve shadow problems or add detail to a shot


Using Light painting to solve shadow problems, or add details to a shot.

Strobist info:
1 studio strobe thru softbox at the back of subject

Because the main light was coming from the back, the flash(subject) was losing details in the front

Added another light source by painting light using my Iphone



The making of shooting with Nacho Duato for Vogue


Juan Ignacio Duato Bárcia, also known as Nacho Duato (Valencia, 8 January 1957) is a Spanish modern ballet dancer and choreographer. After a long and successful career, he was selected by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Education as the artistic director of the National Spanish Dance Company (Compañía Nacional de Danza de España) in June 1990. In July 2010 Nacho Duato was appointed the artistic director of the ballet at the Mikhailovsky Theatre, effective from January 2011 ( via Wikipedia )

http://www.vogue.ru/voguetv/    and  http://andyfiord.com/

by Andy Fiord Studio

David Fan and Edward Hor Mangawhai glamor workshop


A behind the scenes video of the glamor workshop hosted by David Fan and Edward Hor.



Katrina Maid





AJ the Beer Waster!



by Clint_C

Stefano Cattelan - Behind the Scenes


Production by Andy Fiord Studio for Stefano Cattelan (stefano.cattelan.net)

In 1992 Stefano started to work in his own photographic studio in Turin focussing mainly on still life for advertising and reportage. Since then his work has evolved to include portraiture, advertising and fashion. Stefano creates powerfull images with great attention to detail.

Stefano shot all the images for the official programme of the Opening Ceremony of the 2006 XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin. His work was awarded with the "Best Events Award" by K-events and Filmaster Group.

His works have been published in The New York Times, Elle, Marie Claire, JM and Style Monte Carlo. Recently he hasexhibited in Shanghai and Bejing; "Vicina" Life Style Made in Italy.

Stefano has created charity campaigns for SOS villages for children Italy and LILA, Asics, Bavaria, Dainese, Ferrero, Alfredo Pia, Le Coq Sportif, Love&Pride Jewellery, Mares, Nikon, Maison de la France and many other iconic brands.

Currently he lives and works in Turin, Milano and New York. (via Ducatiart)

backstage operator: Kseniia Khrabrykh
equipment assiatant: Nikita Sheverdin
equipment assiatant: Michail Brown
editor: Kseniia Khrabrykh

Music: Burial and four Tet - Moth

Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 16-35 2,8 L
Canon 24-70 2,8 L
Canon 70-200 2,8 L

Protection Timelapse




With 12 young dancers and a large crew , henrik did this serie of visually strong images, all shot for Getty Images, Stone+

The Idea was to explore the contrast between the naked and fragile human body against the dramatic but beautiful end of the world scene

Graphic and sculptural figures was used to capture the concept of protection through coming together as a human shield to fight for survival and protect nature.

The preparations has been on for almost half a year, and in February Henrik shot the location shots at Tenerife. At that time the ideas and layout was ready, and
In collaboration with Art Director Gemma Fletcher/Getty and Choreographer Louise Seloy Henrik did the second part of the shoot at Ørestaden Copenhagen.

by henrikssorensen


Cano Gomez - Master of the Approach



On Assignment with Robert Caplin - Episode 102 - Colombia Teaser


It is a great day, only on a few hours the first episode was posted on strobist.com, and now Robert Caplin upload a new episode "On assignment".

Episode 102 - Colombia Teaser - Come join Robert on a New York Times Travel assignment in Bogota, Colombia. Check back to see how the assignment turns out!

Happy Shooting!

CONCEPT - "On Assignment With Robert Caplin" is a docua-drama reality series that follows the adventurous young photo journalist Robert Caplin around the world on his various jobs. Each episode a different client will hire Robert for a project and he will face the pressures of having to travel to a new destination and capture what ever images they need under a certain deadline. His journey will take him to different cities where the viewer will learn about amazing restaurants and food, discover hidden tourist gems, meet unique characters, celebrities and statesmen and the see places from an intimate view that is only possible through the kind of access that Robert and his camera are capable of.


©Robert Caplin/Patrick Post

Contact: Patrick Post oppost_1999@yahoo.com




Sean Armenta explains in this  tutorial on how to construct a V-Flat which is one of the handiest things to have in the studio. Very easy to make with two 4' by 8' sheets of 3/16" foamcore


by Sean Armenta

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It is incredible, but when I opened today the David Hobby website, www.strobist.com and we was there, woow, I can believe yet.

To appear on strobist.com is a dream and a honor, cause maybe all that I know about strobes and lights  it is thanks to David  Hobby´s videos and Joe McNally´s videos and books. There are more photographers, but they were the first and opened a new way for me.

It is a hard job to try to be always the first,  to search and found every day brand new videos with high quality for our readers. 

But with this post, we think that we have chose the right way.

Thank you very much, David.

And of course, thanks to Robert Caplin to share your knows.


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[FRAMED] Crew finds Hasselblad


So how do YOU pronounce Hasselblad? Seriously, it doesn't matter. Because the cameras are incredible. Besides, just like Matt (aka McBoom) said, it did take pictures on the moon. But what's even better, is that many of these photographers have been in the business for years and were so excited to have the chance to hold a film or digital Hasselblad in their hands.

The crew was in Salt Lake filming future episodes for Season two and they heard about a secret upscale "invite only" Hasselblad event. And they had to check it out and get our cameras in there to give you a peak as well. They even fed the crew dinner. Special thanks to Hasselblad and Pictureline for allowing us to catch a sneak.



John Ker Photography - Behind The Scenes 02


One of my recent fashion shoots. Shot on location at Ska-Nah-Doht Village, located just outside of London, ON. This shoot had already been rained out once, so this was our second attempt at shooting there. Of course it was raining again, you'll notice I had to cover my strobes with garbage bags.

One of my favorite location shoots so far! The staff there were friendly and helpful. I've provided a web link below.


Model: Sarah (Anita Norris Models)
Hair/Makeup/Video: Britt Havens
Edited by John Ker


Behind the Scenes: CMS Forex “Arena”


Watch us on the set of CMS Forex “Arena” at Silvercup Studios.

The U.S. Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound and the Euro fight it out in the middle of a coliseum packed with currency traders. This spot for one of the leading Forex companies was shot over two days at Silvercup Studios in New York. The coliseum, created entirely in post by a team of 3D artists and Compositors at Quiet Man, took three months to complete.

Directed by Yan Vizinberg.

by Persona Films

John Ker Photography - Behind The Scenes 01



I am a photographer based in London and Toronto. I love photography because it allows me to collaborate with other creative people and create images that tell a story.

If you’re interested in booking a project with me, please email info@johnker.com.

WEB: johnker.com

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/​johnker

TWITTER: twitter.com/​john_ker

BLOG: johnker.blogspot.com

TUMBLR: johnker.tumblr.com

by John Ker Photography & Motion

Paper.li Magazine today


Visit the paper.li edition here


Photoshop 101: Basics of Layers and Masks by Sean Armenta


Ki: Michael Levin


I first came across Brad Kremer’s video work in late 2010 and I was immediately engaged. His video Hayaku is like a poem told through time-lapse photography. I felt moved along by the kinetic energy in the piece and he had me hooked. Since I needed some video footage shot in Japan for a separate project, I contacted Brad with a basic pitch and by the time we met up for sushi and beers about a month later in Fukuoka he had brainstormed a better idea.

Over the years I’ve built up a collection of key images photographed in Japan. I’ve been fortunate to have travelled extensively throughout the country and to have taken in all the incredible places that make it so special. So I wanted to see how Brad might reveal my own personal experience of witnessing Japan, particularly the casual moments that still never seem ordinary to me. I do a lot of waiting and watching and I wasn’t sure how Brad could make those long stretches interesting. But he has a natural instinct for storytelling and was able to spin the various shots of me working in different locations into a seamless story. The video speaks for itself and we had a blast shooting it.

At the start I thought that this would be a one-off project but it turned out to be something bigger. All credit for the concept and beauty of the piece goes to Brad but it’s inspired me to see if there are other ways that we might work together in the future. I believe that creativity can be a shared experience. So I think that this unexpected partnership will result in other projects. Stay tuned.

Music: Royksopp

Brad Kremer: vimeo.com/​bradkremer

Annie Leibovitz and her book "A Photographers Life: 1990-2005"


In this episode Ted Forbes (The art of photography) takes a look at the work of Annie Leibovitz in her book A Photographers Life: 1990-2005. A great book.



Fullframe Ferrari shoot, rough cut


This guys do not stop.

by Studio 18a

A Conversation With Randall Slavin


Part I

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How to shoot a Swimsuit Model with studio light


Studio Lighting!! Swimsuit Model!!! Photosodes Episode 16!!! Yes, we're here for a special on studio photo shoot with our sexy swimsuit model Lana. We show different light modifiers like a giant softbox, strip light with a grid, a beauty dish with a sock, and an umbrella. All using a White Lightning 1600 from Paul C. Buff.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think!

by Photosodes


Behind The Scenes Ballet Victoria Photoshoot


Behind the scenes footage of Ballet Victoria photoshoot with photographer Derek Ford derekfordphoto.com
Bodypaint artist Kristin Grant, urbanheart.ca
Makeup/hair artist Eriko Yamamoto, izhairstudio.ca
Paul Destrooper, Artistic Director, balletvictoria.ca
Andrea Bayne, dancer
Robb Beresford, dancer
David Beale, dancer
A bunch of talented people who are passionate about what they do. Doesn't get any better that that...

by John Quick

Carissa Rosario | Vogue Mexico Shoot


Behind the Scenes with Carissa Rosario at her Vogue Mexico shoot.

by Carissa Rosario

Teradek Cube streaming from 5DMkII to iPad


Two Cubes streaming low latency to two iPads in ad hoc mode with no WiFi router required.

New in v4.6! Cube now handles the Canon 5DMkII's transition when record starts or stops great with no interruption in streaming. This is another world's first for Cube! Get the update from cube.teradek.com/​firmware.html

The new Cube 250 has dual-band WiFi for increased wireless range.

But that is not the biggest news, watch the full movie to see new lower pricing.

by Teradek


Meadow Pet Rug Photoshoot


by wildebeest shop

How to Create An All Black Background by Olivia Speranza


In this video we show you how to create an entirely black background and properly light it.
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Picture Perfect: Rob Hornstra


In this episode of Picture Perfect, VBS goes on assignment with Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra to Sochi, Russia as he continues to captures the city as it exists before it is thrust into the international spotlight as host of the 2014 Winter Olympics. This time around, Hornstra is photographing lounge singers in restaurants, cabarets and hotel lobbies.

An advocate for "slow journalism", the Netherlands-based documentary photographer produces work over long periods of time, involving himself in the changes that occur over the breadth of years. His work is characterized by a stylized rawness, with a large dose of intrinsic engagement.

In 2014, the Olympic Games will take place in Sochi, Russia. Never before have the Olympics been held in a region that contrasts more strongly with the glamour of the games. Just 20 kilometers away is the conflict zone Abkhazia. To the east, the Caucasus Mountains stretch into obscure and impoverished breakaway republics such as Cherkessia, North Ossetia and Chechnya. On the coast, old Soviet sanatoriums stand shoulder to shoulder with the most expensive hotels and clubs of the Russian Riviera.

Hornstra and writer/filmmaker Arnold van Bruggen have joined together on The Sochi Project to document the changes in and around Sochi over the course of the next five years. The Sochi Project will be a dynamic mix of documentary photography, film and reportage about a world in flux; a world full of different realities within a small, but extraordinary geographic area.


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M-Full Photo Shoot


Monster FULL X GAMES Athelete Photo Shoot.

Special Thanks to Jamie Bestwick, Pierre Luc Gagnon (PLG), André Villa, and Ken Block.

Photograph by Boyd Jaynes
Video and Editing by Blue C

Music by Aaron San - Osclownyzz (Blende Mix)

by Don Sae Kang

FullFrame Photographics: Casey Barnes Shoot


by Studio 18a

Fashion Shoot- Twisted Fate- Emily Soto Photography


Model: TraeLee Costello
Wardrobe Designer: ZAVVAL by Stefania Zavval
MUA: Luisa Fernanda
Hair: Phillip Singleton

by Emily Soto

The Sure Shot PhotoBooth | Hoffman Entertainment


The Sure Shot Photobooth is an amazing new concept in digital photography that will be the highlight of any event. Your guests step inside an open air digital photo booth and instantly become stars.

All they have to do is click the button and within seconds they have a 4x6 print of the moments they chose to capture. If you'd like, Hoffman Entertainment can even have your images projected onto a walls throughout your venue in an awesome slideshow that continues to display the images captured during the duration of your event. This cutting edge concept is highly customizable with options of adding custom branding (seen above) and custom installations.

The Sure Shot Photobooth can be used as a main attraction at your next event or as a compliment to an event you have already planned. Call us today for more details!

by Hoffman Entertainment


BTS BYU Softball Poster Shoot with water balloons


The BYU Photo team goes all out to create posters for the BYU Women's Softball Team. We break out the water balloons and water slide to create some fun images for the team.

Read the Behind the Scenes Blog post at: http://www.upaa.org/blog/exploding-water-and-the-byu-softball-poster/

Check out our other videos on the BYUphoto YouTube Channel at:


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chasejarvis TECH: Dasein Camera Arsenal


Professional photographer Chase Jarvis gives you a quick rundown of the onslaught of cameras he's using to shoot his Dasein: An Invitation To Hang installation at the Ace Hotel NYC.



MASTER SERIES: Kareem Black and Burger King



Behind the scenes of THE HEADSHOT INTENSIVE by Peter Hurley


Photographer Peter Hurley and crew knee deep in the first Headshot Intensive NYC May 2011. Video by Emmy Winning Peter Kertz.


EA Sports Madden 12 Cover Shoot - Behind the Scenes


Timelapse and behind the scenes footage of the EA Sports Madden 12 Cover shoot in Times Square, NYC.

by Chris Park

WSIB Interactive - Behind The Scenes matrix effect


Behind the Scenes

Final spots

This is a project for The Workplace Safety and Insurance Bureau of Ontario’s 2008 Interactive Awareness Campaign. This was the first time I got to work with DraftFCB and in particular Steve DiLorenzo – the creative director, who I am now proud to call a good friend.

The beauty of this campaign is that it allows the user to immerse themselves in the moment, examine every detail in the split seconds before and after a catastrophic accident. By simply clicking and dragging the frame the user can drive the video content forward or backward as much as they like. They can stop anywhere in the video to examine a particular frame, while remaining immersed in the heart-wrenching story delivered by the victims of the accident.

This series of interactive spots used “The Big Freeze” special effects camera rig to capture the practical effects on the day, then we enhanced the live-action with CG effects – compositing 3D models for some of the debris and weather.

This project won SILVER at The Promax | BDAs – and a few other WEB and Advertising awards...

Agency: DraftFCB
Creative Director: Steve DiLorenzo
DOP: Adam Marsden
Post Services: Alter Ego & 4Stroke

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