Beauty Retouching Part 2 - Stray Hairs by Sean Armenta


In part two of this mini-series of a beauty retouch from start to finish, we will be dealing with removing stray hairs while preserving the natural look of the hairstyle. 

by and Sean Armenta

Jessica Alba for Allure


Filmed & Directed by Brian Quist brian-quist.com during her Allure cover shoot in Los Angeles.

Photos by Michael Thompson
Hair by Danilo
Makeup by Pati Dubroff

by Brian Quist

Street Photography: Students on the Seattle Streets by lightenupandshoot


A weekend with Mikey and Andy, the proprietors of lightenupandshoot.com and get ready to experience street photography in total Lighten Up and Shoot style. Mikey and Andy will go over the techniques needed to take your photography to a new level:

- Packing and traveling light.
- Quick off-camera lighting.
- Approaching strangers.
- Simple explanations for tech.

Laid back, fun, and most of all inspirational! So get ready to lighten up, have some fun, and start shooting!


Nikon D7000 behind the scene


Nikon D7000

Nikon D7000 behind the scene

By Ringo Tang - Director / agogofilm
Chung Chi Ming - D.O.P.

by agogofilm


Post Pro with Kevin Kubota: Week 4


Internationally known and award winning Top Ten Wedding Photographer, Kevin Kubota, is widely known for his post processing knowledge and editing techniques. Kubota also provides a variety of effective tools for photographers to assist in their creative craft.

This week, Kevin shares some of his secrets on how to get a classic Black & White photo inspired by old Hollywood vintage photographers. He also teaches skin smoothing, Lightroom shortcuts, and other secrets from his brain o' wisdom.


Post Pro with Kevin Kubota: Week 3


by framedshow


Soft Boxes 101: A Lighting Lesson By Jay P. Morgan.


By Jay P. Morgan.
This Video is all about Soft Boxes. There are many misconceptions about what Soft Boxes do and how to use them. This is the scientific look at the area of coverage and light quality of the different sizes of Soft Boxes. Using this knowledge you will find it easier to decide which size Box to use to achieve your desired lighting result. After this lesson you should know what size of Soft Box to buy and the basics of how to use it. Thanks to Photoflex http://www.photoflex.com/ for providing the Boxes for this test. There is much to learn on this subject so we will visit it again. Keep on click'n! Jay P. Morgan




Real State Photography: How To Pole Cam


by Will Alan

Outside the Softbox: Week 4


by framedshow

Behind the Scenes of Emporio Armani by Mario Sorrenti


Photographed by Mario Sorrenti, features models Iselin Sterio and Simon Nessman.

To bring the campaign to life, Mario Sorrenti has shot a short film starring the two models. Drawing on Giorgio Armani's love of cinema, this narrative references the aesthetic of film noir, and features an Emporio Armani couple in a contemporary, urban, industrial setting. There is an air or mystery and youthful excitement here, very appropriate to Emporio Armani new collection.


Vogue Diaries - Natalie Portman


I shot Natalie Portman in this onetime ritzy, now semi-rundown former hotel in downtown Los Angeles, as she posed for the January Vogue cover. In dance-inspired looks drawn from her much-talked-about performance in the new film Black Swan, Natalie talked about how difficult it was to train for her character's pliés and jetés, and what keeps her feet on the ground.

Photographed by Peter Lindbergh
Copyright © The Condé Nast Publications

Filmed & Directed by Brian Quist

Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley, two light painters


Light painting dates back to Man Ray, but contemporary photographers are taking the practice of “painting light” onto long-exposure photographs to a new level. Patrick Rochon and Aurora Crowley, two light painters in love with color, form, and the expressive possibilities of light, discuss their work and their unique process in the inaugural episode of Off Book from PBS Arts.


Patrick Rochon: patrickrochon.com/​
Aurora Crowley: auroracrowley.com/​

Follow Off Book:

Twitter: @pbsoffbook
Tumblr: pbsarts.tumblr.com/​

Produced by Kornhaber Brown: kornhaberbrown.com

Light Painting SculptureLight Painting SculptureLight Painting SculptureLight Painting SculptureLight Painting SculptureLight Painting Manifesto
IMG_7491Dream_Hotel_New_York_8356Google_Port_Authority_building _7406Chelsea_Market_NYC_8418LP Workshop NYC June 18 descriptionLP Workshop NYC June 18 poster
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Sport TestSport TestSport TestSport TestSport TestSport Test


POST NUMBER 1000: Candid portraits on the street


Today is special, we publish post number 1000 and the winner is ..... "85mm - Thomas Leuthard" with this street photography videos:

A Candid Portrait 1

A Candid Portrait 2

"Flash these Faces..."

Thomas has wrote this free ebook with his street photography workflow: "Going Candid..."

"Going Candid..."

by Thomas Leuthard

Ferrari | Mercedes photoshoot with Phase One


Short fun behind the scenes video from a photoshoot at Studio 1414 in Minneapolis Mn.
The photos were shot with the new Phase One IQ160 and 45mm f2.8, 120mm f4, and an 80mm f2.8 lenses

Special thanks to:
Studio 1414 - studio1414.com/​
Phase One - phaseone.com
F-stop Bags - fstopgear.com
Pro Gear Rentals - progearrental.com/​
Joshua VP - joshuavp.com

Amazing music as always by Ronnie Beck Productions

filmatters.com  |  filmatters.com/​blogcinesthetics.com

by Film Matters


31K Portraits for Peace Project by Diego Huerta


We are taking 31,000 portraits in Mexico and in the most important cities in the US. Our job is to take 31,000 portraits and counteract the negative effect that more than 31,000 deaths in Mexico have left in society.

In order to do this, we will travel to the 32 states in Mexico and the most important states in the US: New York, California, Florida, Washington and Texas. Our job is to take 31,000 portraits of people that wish peace with a dove named "La Huasteca" in their hands.

During the time we take the portraits, we also plan to intervene the most violent streets and cities in Mexico. "Urban Intervention" is the printing and installing of 2,000 portraits. Each portrait is 1.35x2.50m and 100 are installed in each city considered as "violent" by media and by research. Each portrait reads "La Paz Comienza Creyendo" which means "Peace Starts by Believing". We have done this once. We want to do this, 19 additional times.

by 31kproject.com and Diego Huerta

Using a monopod to record videos with your HDSLR


Learn five great tips to take advantage of the portable, versatile, and affordable Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Monopod with Head

by stillmotion | via ( Canon )

How to use Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 to convert images to black and white by Douglas Sonders


I explain how I use Nik Software's Silver Efex Pro 2 Photoshop plugin software. Read the original post here.



by Douglas Sonders


NY wedding photographer Brian Marcus controls three different lighting systems with PocketWizard


Learn More: pocketwizard.com/​marcus

Brian Marcus is on set at the Rivington Hotel in NYC using the PocketWizard MiniTT1, FlexTT5 and AC3 ControlTL system. Taming the vast amount of sunlight could first be seen as an obstacle, yet using the PocketWizard ControlTL system, he is able to control the light to his advantage and use it to create some gorgeous photographs. The ability to control the three lights on set directly from the camera using the AC3 with the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 lets Brian effortlessly switch settings on each one guaranteeing the right exposure, making his shoot flow smoothly and allowing him to focus on being creative

Learn more about the products used in this video:

AC3: pocketwizard.com/​products/​transmitter_receiver/​ac3%20zonecontroller/​

MiniTT1: pocketwizard.com/​products/​transmitter_receiver/​minitt1-nikon/​

FlexTT5: pocketwizard.com/​products/​transmitter_receiver/​flextt5-nikon/​

by PocketWizard   and Fred Marcus 

Three Tips by Scott Kelby – Better Portraits


by Manfrotto

Friday Night Lights behind the scenes


by Iron Claw


Jessica Jordan, Alpha Pro Nutrition: Behind The Scenes


Jessica Jordan, Alpha Pro Nutrition: Behind The Scenes.

by alphapronutrition.com/​


Lou Jones: Dance


A contemporary behind the scenes look at a large photography production using multiple speedlights.

By loujones2008

EC Twins Photoshoot


by sam


Electric - Mark Woolley - Top Loader - BTS


by D&A Films

Behind the Scenes of Tobey Maguire's Campaign for Prada


Behind-the-scenes video of Prada's fall 2011 ad campaign for men, shot by David Sims, featuring Tobey Maguire.

by Hintmag.com


ASTROCLIP™: Photograph the Cosmos with your iPhone 4


The AstroClip is a simple attachment that mounts your iPhone 4 to any telescope with a 1.25" wide eye piece. This allows you to easily photograph the moon and galaxy with just your iPhone 4. There's no need for an expensive add-on camera.

Check it out @ astroclip.com

Installing the AstroClip for iPhone 4

Here's a short clip showing how easy it is to install the AstroClip for iPhone 4. You can check out the AstroClip @ AstroClip.com.

via KickStarter

Behind the scenes: Made in San Jose magazine photo shoot


We spent the entire day with an amazing crew shooting for the Premiere Issue of Made in San Jose magazine.

The Premiere Issue will be available on September 10th, 2011. We are having a launch party for it as well! Check out madeinsanjose.com for more info.
Music: Miike Snow: Animal

Edited in FCP, magic bullet: looks
Shot on a Canon 7d
11-16mm 2.8 tokina on a Glidecam HD1000
28mm 1.8 canon on manfrotto legs with indie slider


Special thanks to:

Paul Ferradas
Iggy Sky
Kanoa Utler
Viet Q. Mac

by Viet Mac


Orbs – Long Exposure Light Painting Photography – Video Tutorial


http://photoextremist.com/orb-light-painting-tutorial go here to get all the links and see the full written blog article on how to make abstract light painting long exposure photographs of orbs and spheres.


3 street photography videos


Street Photography POV at Venice Beach with a GoPro HD


Street Photography - RAW Edit 35

 http://bit.ly/qkSCHU CLICK here to access the RAW file to edit this week.


London Street Photography London 2011


IFBB Pro Figure Competitor Heather Green photoshoot


by Alpha Pro


Wedding Photoshoot in Las Vegas


by Studio Red Preview

Gavin Friday - The Making of the 'catholic' Cover Photo


Gavin Friday, Perry Ogden and Pete Reddy at the photo shoot for the cover of 'catholic'.
Henrietta Street, Dublin, December 10, 2010

Photographer: Perry Ogden
Video camera: Darragh Shanahan
With thanks to the Dublin Gallery of Photography for the use of of their gear and post production facilities.

Download the song Able and other tracks from the album 'catholic' from iTunes:

Visit the official website at: gavinfriday.com
Download the iPhone app here: gavinfriday.com/​catholic/​iphone-app/​

by Gavin Friday (Official)


"The New Yorker" magazine photographer Platon


Photographer Platon tries to remember who he took pictures of... Jonathan Groubert of The State We're In: 'It's never enough!'

Listen to the full interview here:

Black & Blue behind the scenes before and after vampire-inspired photo shoot


Director-Bob Stevens
Camera and Editing- Jay Esguerra

by angelsandarthouse


Ben Stiller shot for Rolling Stone by Terry Richardson


More pictures here: http://fuck.twgg.org/post/489285795/ben-stiller-shot-for-rolling-stone-by-ter...


Behind the scenes Sapporo USA Advertising


The following samples are from the campaign chosen to run in the United states as well as the other campaigns my team pitched. Sapporo worked with us to change their perception. Targeting a new "Creative Professionals 25 to 35" we explored a variety of campaigns to get them out of Sushi bars association.

Tradition: Sapporo invites you to try another Japanese tradition.

CD: Self
AD: Jake Houvenagle
Writer: Mike Winke
Photographer: Brian Cummings

Read more here: original post

by Rob Brooks



Here's how to keep your seamless paper backdrops rolled nice and tight for proper storage.

by Sean Armenta


Can Iphone replace my camera? : The instagr.am experiment


Usually I do not post my own pictures, but without other possibility, yesterday I have only my Iphone, cause I  send my camera to store to clean my dirty sensor ( uf, now it is ok).

Then I decided to experiment with  instragra.am and this is the result. "The Circus"

It's exciting under low light to decide on a few seconds composition,  filter  and finally shot again.

Sincerely of all this pictures, I  like the last only.

But with this we want create a new section with your help: "The instagr.am long time projects"

What do you think about this? and I hope you send us  your instagr.am projects by email to iso1200magazine@gmail.com (remember that is free, ;-) or to our twitter @iso1200magazine

The Circus:

Leica Portrait: John Wright


John Wright  has been working with the Leica team in London to help build exposure for the S-System alongside the UK professional photographic community. As part of the collaboration between John and Leica, photographers are able to experience the S-System first-hand through a series of activities including interviews and photographic sessions, exhibitions and workshops at the Leica Store Mayfair 'Studio S' and other UK studios. John also uses the camera for a number of high-profile shoots. In our latest Leica Portrait video, John explains what he likes about the S2.


MANGO | The Great Escape | Behind-the-Scenes with Kate Moss and Terry Richardson Part 2/3


Today the second video with Terry Richardson 2/3.

Kate Moss and Terry Richardson star in MANGO's brand-new fashion film. Watch the behind-the-scenes footage.

Related Posts:

Post Pro with Kevin Kubota: Week 2


Internationally known and award winning Top Ten Wedding Photographer, Kevin Kubota, is widely known for his post processing knowledge and editing techniques. Kubota also provides a variety of effective tools for photographers to assist in their creative craft.

This week, he shows who is boss! Kubota's back in his awesome studio sharing techniques that help you to get that "twilight" look using Lightroom. Soak in his wisdom...and his totally witty personality because we can't seem to get enough of it!

by  www.framedshow.com

Hasselblad on the Road with Philip Ruopp


Said to be one of the world's last great adventures, the Allgäu-Orient Rally from Germany to Amman certainly lived up to its billing. Philip Ruopp took along his Hassselblad to record the event.

Proving the point that the spirit of adventure is alive and well, the annual Allgäu-Orient Rally, consisting of a course stretching from southern Germany to Amman in Jordon, is now in its sixth year and continues to attract a steady flow of hardy drivers. This year photographer Philip Ruopp was one of the entrants, and to make sure he achieved a good documentary of the ultimate road trip he decided to take along a Hasselblad H4D-40 with 80mm f/2.8 and 35-90mm f/4-5.6 lenses. (via hasselblad |  read more..)


Terry Richardson Special Weekend: Part 1/3: VICE Tons of Fun Photoshoot


Today part 1/3.

This weekend you have to read our magazine, everyday a video with World Famous Photographer Terry Richardson.

Video from the "Tons of Fun" photoshoot for VICE Magazine.

The final shoots here.

directed by Terry Richardson


Jürgen Bürgin: The story about how to become a Street Photographer


Today we are blessed with an exceptional partner Jürgen Bürgin he talks about how he became a street photographer and something about his workflow.

 My name is Jürgen Bürgin, I was born in a small town called Lörrach in Southern Germany in 1971. Later I was studying German literature, linguistics and economy in Freiburg.  I began to work for movie business in Berlin in 1999 as public relations manager for a film PR agency. Some weeks ago I also started to do public relations for a new book publisher calles Ghost Press, http://www.ghost-press.com/.

 Very late I started to discover my passion for photography, it was roundabout in 2009. Before I did not do more than any mediocre holiday photography. I soon started to photograph people in the street, months later I came to know that people call this 'street photography'. And I also started to discover that street photography was a major part in the development of photography as an art.

  And in my public library I found lots of photobooks of mainly French or American photographers who started to be my teachers - although some of them are already dead. Lets say, the best way to learn something about photography is look at thousand and thousands of photos. At least that's what I did - and what I'm still doing. I leave my library every week with roundabout 20 kilo of huge photobooks. And I devour them. And the other best way to learn something about photography is: Show your photos to lots of people and ask them to tell their opinion about them.

 So that's the reason why I started to publish my photographies on my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/JuergenBuerginPhoto, and I have vivid exchange with the followers of my page - they tell my their opinions and they even invent whole stories about my photos, and really makes me a little bit proud that I have more than 2.800 fans on the whole world. The same is on Twitter, on http://twitter.com/JuergenBuergin I'm talking about all kinds of photographic topics on Twitter, and I have nearly 5.000 followers now. Recently I started to publish them also on my own webpage, http://www.juergenbuergin.com/, but I'm still developing it. So my followers and their feedback on the different Social Media platforms are really responsible for my still growing passion for urban photography, so since i started I was shooting for example in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, London and New York.

  This year I even was shortlisted for a Sony World Photography Awards in the category 'After Dark.' As I'm still working on my style it's not easy for me to talk about how I'm shooting and how my workflow is. It's still a lot of 'try and error'. I think an important part of my work is to have some ideas in mind before you go shooting - and then try I try to find the situations to carry out my ideas. But to be exact: I don't think that I really go for shootings. I simply do what I'm doing - go to any events, walk through cities as a tourist, meet people, go shopping and so on - but I always carry my camera with me.

 Afterwards a part of the workflow starts, that is as important as the shooting itself: I select my photos which is really a hard process. What is important for me in the selection process: Does the photo tell a story in one picture? Does is it have the strength to evoke own, subjective stories in the viewer? Does it surprise the viewer? Is it far from having photographic stereotypes? I thank answering those questions for myself is the most important part of my workflow. Then comes a final part of the work: Can I improve the impression of the photo by doing any changes regarding colours? Sometimes I work in black and white which is for me a way to alienate photos, to depart from reality. Black and white is no realistic experience, black and white does not have to do anything with reality - but watching a black and white photo it makes you think about perception, about perception of reality and about artistic alienation of reality. But that's what I'm doing with my colur photos too: Trying to alienate them. Only a little bit, but enough to disorient the viewer a little bit, enough to make him think about reality, perception, alienation. So what I'm doing is to slightly reduce the colour saturation, and to change slightly the colour tones of my photos - I found that I love to give the photos a little bit more blue and yellow than in reality.

 But the whole thing is still about a deep satisfaction I'm receiving in getting in direct exchange about my photos with the viewers. It's the fundamental thing about what is new with Social Media: My photography is giving me a possibility to get in contact with people in the whole world who are intersted in photography, or in arts - or in life.




Here is a selection of some of his photographs:

Thanks for your time Jürgen.