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Darren's Gigantic Mega-large Format DIY Camera

1/17/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Darren Samuelson builds a great big camera to quench his thirst for extra large format photography. But is it quenched? I think he will make a trailer into a camera next...

About Darren Samuelson

It started, I suppose, when I was a kid. My mom brought home an old Brownie Hawkeye camera which she had picked up at the Salvation Army for one dollar. I used it a bit, but never really felt any sort of connection to it-- although it did create some happy memories. Many years later, after leaving art school unsatisfied, I was once again given a camera by my mother. This was the one that had taken all the family photos of me and my siblings growing up. It was hard to find film for it, but now I wanted to take pictures, and in time, I started buying cheap, old cameras which took me on an evolutionary journey that led me to where I am now.

The photos are mostly explorations of known, recognizable subject matter; but I try to present them as I imagine them, in a more abstract and playful light. ( via )

© Darren Samuelson
© Darren Samuelson 
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by Yasmin Mawaz-Khan


Very inspiring, really think i`m gonna do this soon.