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Original way to do stop motion with an IPad: Behind the scenes BlueRock Holiday Card

1/16/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

WARNING: No special effects were used during the making of this video.

BlueRock is a New York-based creative editorial company that’s an industry leader known for its artistic diversity and technological integration.

The company is home to a group of talented editors, whose recent work includes TV commercials and longer-format pieces for such brands as Avon, American Express, ESPN, FedEx, Microsoft, Wendy’s, AT&T, Garnier and Toyota. Under the leadership of John Palestrini and Ethel Rubinstein, industry innovators, the studio has established a reputation for providing both its clients and its staff with a supportive environment steeped in creative excellence.
If you want to watch the final video: here

by BlueRock Editorial


Mike Grecs said...

video was awesome!