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Life of Paul Ripke: The German Chase Jarvis

2/06/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Yes, it is in perfect german, but take your time with the european Chase Jarvis version.This is man is great, with crazy photoshoot, and an amazing porfolio.

More videos and photos inside: Chase Jarvis vs Paul Ripke

I am sure you know this top advertising photographer Paul Ripke and his more famous serie: Photoswapped*, when fathers switch heads with their children:

© Paul Ripke

 Life of Paul* is a video blog where Paul Ripke talks about his life like photographer, something similar that one of my favorite photographers Chase Jarvis.

Humor, expensive equipments, awesome locations and more in "Life of Paul".HOW TO DO A DIY SNOW MACHINE AND USE SMOKE CREATIVELY

And a remix of photoshoots:

Paul Ripke´s website vs Chase Jarvis´website , please write some comments about this.