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Strobist in the water with PocketWizard and Canon 5d inside a custom Waterproof Camera Housing by sport photographer Pete Webb

2/04/2012 Matt 2 Comments

This is a short behind the scenes clip of a shoot I did mid January with Ollie Armfiled and his sea swimming club. It was a test of my new Del Mar housing that takes my Canon 5d mk2 and more importantly the pocket wizard tt1 flash transmitter. The flash is then in another housing with the tt5 transceiver.

About the Custom WaterProof Camera Housing and PowerWizard TT5:

This is the housing being made for me by Erik at Del Mar housing projects in California. Its to take my Canon 5d mk2 with a PocketWizard tt1 fitted to the top. Also there is a port on the side to allow me to tether my camera to a laptop while shooting in a pool or boat etc. This port could also be used for a sync cable or a cable release.

Inside  the Del Mar Camera Housing:

 This video will cover all the suggested steps to make ensure that your Del Mar Water Housing works properly for you.

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by Pete Webb and


Does your pocket wizard works when you are underwater?

Yes, with a water proof case or bag