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Natural Light & Strobes on Location by Jay P. Morgan

3/09/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this Slanted Lens video we look at the process of combining natural light and strobes on location. It's hard to shoot video and stills on the same set-up unless you plan for it. We needed both a crane shot and stills from our Pioneer set-up. Using a Kessler Crane we shot the crane shot during the sweet light time at sunset and then used strobes as the light faded to get our still shots. Using my iphone app (Sun Seeker) I could see exactly where the sun was going to go down. The scene was orientated to use the sun as the key for the video and then as the sun faded two strobes were used to take the place of the sun for the still shots. Tricky process, but necessary these days as clients are asking for both stills and video on the same set-up. Keep those cameras rolling and keep on click-in!

 By Jay P. Morgan