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Web of lies: The art of contorsionism with photographer Von Wong Photography

3/11/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

© Benjamin Von Wong

Yet another BTS video for the amazing Benjamin Von Wong - Montreal based photographer. This time he works together with the extremely talented artist Myriam Deraiche. Drift away with the sound and motion in this video where she demonstrates the art of contorsionism.

Photography : Benjamin Wong -
Videography : Pakdi Decnud
Model : Myriam Deraiche
Camera : Shiloh Sheray, Pakdi Decnud
MUA : Lilly Smith Rep. Judy Inc.
Assistants : Myriam Francoeur, Erwan Cloarec
Script writer : Myriam Brouard
Special thanks to Ariel Levesque for letting us using his studio + gear !

by Pakdi Decnud