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Behind the scenes a Fashion Magazine: Working at Vogue and H&M with photographer Matt Hind

6/28/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

In Palm Springs, British Vogue is shooting a story of H&M clothes with model Heidi Harrington-Johnson and photographer  Matt Hind.

Playing a girl looking for the simple life away from the large metropolis, she hangs out in her designer villa and an old school diner.

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Sarah Harris, fashion features editor at Vogue UK, is our guide as the magazine prepares for a special shoot with H&M for their "More dash than cash" supplement.

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© Matt Hind
© Matt Hind
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Melo said...

Firstly, the photos look stunning and well shot... however,

The Creative Director - "She looked intelligent"? Wearing heels and a clutch to your pool when you're alone... yes, that's certainly connotes intelligence. How does one 'Look intelligent.?

You can certainly 'Sound stupid.'

Photography is a visceral visual medium... I don't require a pretentious back story to a fashion shoot especially featuring H&M. I buy my underwear there because it's 12bucks, not because I'm an international man of mystery.