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Do you want to use Skyfall locations in your next photoshoot?

11/02/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

If you do not watch Skyfall yet, maybe this is not a right moment to read/watch this post. We are going to talk about James Bond´s brand new film  "Skyfall".

Sure you are a big fan of James Bond, I have to tell that I like the film. But we are photographer, and we like to talk about light and locations.

Scotland, UK; Shanghai, China;India; Macau, China; Hashima island, Japan; London, UK; Istanbul, Turkey

Would you like to shoot in the same locations that Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes? Here we go.


Sam Mendes and Barbara Broccoli travelled to South Africa for location scouting in April 2011.With the film moving into pre-production in August, reports emerged that shooting would take place in India, with scenes to be shot in the Sarojini Nagar district of New Delhi and on railway lines between Goa and Ahmedabad.

 The production crew faced complications in securing permission to close sections of the Konkan Railway. Similar problems in obtaining filming permits were encountered by production crews for The Dark Knight Rises and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.Permission was eventually granted to the Bond production crew, with some additional restrictions put in place at the request of the Indian authorities; however, it was later reported that the production crew had elected not to shoot in India.


Further reports emerged stating that filming would take place in Istanbul's Sultanahmet Square, the Hagia Sophia museum, the city of Fethiye and the Varda railway bridge near Adana, with production expected to spend three months in the country. Scenes in Adana will see the town stand in for the outskirts of Istanbul.

Varda railway bridge

Mendes confirmed that China will be featured in the film, with shooting scheduled to take place in Shanghai and "other parts" of the country. Additional scenes were filmed at Royal Ascot, standing in for Shanghai Pudong International Airport.[citation needed] The first official image from the film was released on 1 February 2012, showing Daniel Craig on set at Pinewood Studios, doubling as a skyscraper in Shanghai.

ph: Francois Duhamel/©Columbia Pictures

Set reports dated April 2012 reported that scenes would be set on Hashima Island, an abandoned island off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan.

In the latest Bond film, Skyfall, bad guy Raoul Silva chooses as his hide out a deserted island filled with abandoned and partially destroyed buildings, inspired by the real world island of Hashima in Japan. Hashima, known as Gunkanjima (“battleship island”), was once home to 5,000 people, but has been deserted since 1974 after the coal mines on the island were shut down. For the James Bond Hashima scenes, Pinewood studios re-created the island’s ghost town at Pinewood Studios in London, but visitors to Japan can visit this eerie island.

Fake Island | ©Columbia Pictures
Real | via
Hashima island in Japan - inspiration for bad guy lair in new James Bond film, Skyfall
After Hashima was abandoned in 1974, exposure to the elements, including typhoons, drastically deteriorated the buildings on the island. Due to the danger of collapsing structures, the island was closed to the public. In April 2009, however, a newly constructed boat dock made it possible for sightseeing tour boats to land on Hashima. It’s now possible to take a scenic 50-minute boat ride from Nagasaki and alight on Hashima for a 45-minute tour of the island.

Tours of the island can be booked through Hashima Concierge and cost £33, including the return boat journey from Nagasaki city. ( text via


More pictures:


Shooting was planned to take place at Duntrune Castle in Argyll, Scotland for the finale, but was cancelled shortly after filming began. Glencoe was instead chosen for filming of these scenes.

The village sits near the entrance to Glen Coe and is surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery and is popular with serious hill-walkers, rock and ice climbers. It has been seen in numerous films, including Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as the home of Hagrid.

Skyfall lodge film set in snow
For more pictures, visit
Fake mansion
The Establishing Shot: James Bond Skyfall Hankely Common, Surrey - Helicopter action (Tim Page)
The place is amazing to lanscape photography.

©Columbia Pictures

©Columbia Pictures

Text via wikipedia


The Establishing Shot: Skyfall Vauxhall Bridge - Judi Dench & Rory Kinnear in M's Jaguar XJL Interior Shots crossing Bridge towards MI6

Skyfall [James Bond] 023


Greg Williams, the world renowned photographer whose candid on set pictures have formed the basis of photo-books to accompany the last three Bond movies, returns with his fourth, SKYFALL: BOND ON SET

How does your role differ from that of the Unit Photographer?

I’ve worked on over 100 feature films, and I shoot what’s called “the specials” where I go in for a few days and shoot coverage for the press, as opposed to the Unit Photographer who’s there all the time. The Unit Photographer also shoots stills from the scenes that actually go into the movie – my pictures are more behind-the-scenes.

Read interview: HERE | learn more at or blog


The world is not enough … mapped out in terms of James Bond locations. Thanks to The Guardian

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