Thomas Struth: His large-format photographs sell for up to 300,000 euros apiece

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Thomas Struth ranks among the most important photographers working today. His large-format photographs sell for up to 300,000 euros apiece.

Thomas Struth is a German photographer whose wide-ranging work includes depictions of detailed cityscapes, Asian jungles and family portraits. He is one of Germany's most widely exhibited and collected fine art photographers. Wikipedia

Thomas Struth - The Consolandi Family Milan - 1996 - © Thomas Struth    
Thomas Struth. Crosby Street. 1978

For more go to: http://www.dw.de/talking-germany-thomas-struth-photographer-2012-10-29/e-1629..

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Nikica said...

Forgive my ignorance, stupidity and whatnot, but can anyone PLEASE explain to me what is in these photos that is worth €300.000???


Thank you!

ISO 1200 Magazine said...

It is a free market. You have a Struth.

I have to said that I like it.

Anonymous said...

After looking at all of his work, 3 things come to mind: ghastly, mediocre and no accounting for taste when you are considered a "somebody".