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Are you the faster photographer in the world? Try KATA Shootout game

12/03/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In photography, timing is everything.

That's why they've created Shootout: a live contest which takes place in stores and live events around the world. The top fastest shooters receive one of KATA's professional sling-backpacks.

The 2nd winner of Kata Shoot Out game in Thailand. He did faster than 1st winner by took only 1.9 sec......Congratulations to win a Kata Bag 3in1-25 PL value 11,128 Bt

And now they've created an online game that helps you test & improve your quick-draw skills, to prepare for the live contest. The quicker you become, the higher are your chances to win a KATA sling-backpack bag at the live Shootout events.

You can play at home here: