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UPDATE: A Behind the Scenes video on how to create a fire wall, aka light painting with fire!!!!!!

1/25/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Note: Photographer Van Elder has updated today the behind the scenes video with more information about how to do a fire wall.

Please let me remind you that playing with fire and petrol is very dangerous, add to that an open container of petrol and things could get very nasty, very quickly! - Please make sure you follow some basic safety advise before you continue.

1. Never light the strap close to the open container of fuel - Fuel will be dripping off the strap when you remove it from the jug which will leave a trail of petrol on the ground - this WILL catch fire.
2. Always ALWAYS close your petrol can once you have filled up the jug, never leave it open and always move it far away from where you are working.
3. Stay clear of ANYTHING that can catch fire, bushes, trees, grass, people and cars!
4. Keep a Wet Towel close by, wrap this around the strap to kill the flames.
5. Keep a CO2 extinguisher close by, just incase!
6. Use your common sense, I have warned you! You do this at your own risk and that of others around you.

The final image

This video accompanies the following How to Guide: