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Baruch Vega Dr. B. - The true story of a fashion photographer working undercover for the government

2/16/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

For more than two decades, Baruch Vega lived a dangerous top-secret double- life. He globetrotted the world as a successful fashion photographer working with the world's top models and mingling with the "jet set".

But In his other life, he used his charm to mingle with another "crowd" as well --working as a secret operative for the CIA, the FBI, the DEA and coming face to face with the most dangerous criminals in the drug trafficking world. He became a high-powered clandestine liaison to negotiate the surrender of drug traffickers to the United States Government. Vega's whirlwind trips around the world as a fashion photographer gave him the perfect cover for this sort of work.

Soft-spoken, mild-mannered, polite, engaging and cultured--Vega's personality and looks are the complete antithesis of the flashy James Bond persona, but his switch-hitting between the lofty worlds of fashion, high society, political intrigue, criminal syndicates, the loss of family and good old-fashioned "edge-of-the-seat" danger, offer a fascinating and unique glimpse into the action-adventure life of a "real-life" international spy.

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