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"Dark Beauty" Photo Shoot: Gel soft boxes to get a custom lighting effect by Detroit Photographer Paul Manoian

2/10/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 4 Comments

This behind the scenes photo shoot video captures the creative team in action during a "Dark Beauty" magazine photo shoot in Downtown Detroit with fashion photographer, Paul Manoian.

Paul also demonstrates a new technique to gel soft boxes to get a custom lighting effect.

Source: via ISO on Pinterest

Thanks Paul, you know this is your home.

For more information on the actual shoot, please visit:



Anonymous said...

The final resolute isn't looking good at all. I've seen amateurs doing better than that. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

re; Anonymous

Sweet! Another photo-hater. Instead of complaining like an armchair'tographer, why don't you get off your lazy ass, do a better job, and post a tutorial so we can all be as enlightened as your highness. This goes for anyone else who posts photo-hate without anything constructive to say.

If you're going to crap on someone's work, at least take the time to tell them how to make it better. (... of course, one must always remember that is simply your opinion. An opinion is like an a**hole, everyone's got one, and no one likes it when you wave yours in their face without asking?)

You (and your kind) make me sick, and are the reason I left PoTN, Smugmug forums, etc... years ago.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, someone isn't allowed to give their opinion in a negative way? We can't like everything and sometimes, we don't need to justify why we don't like something or give someone a reason why. It's a simple comment from someone who doesn't like the photos, simple as that. You yourself are the very definition of a "hater".

I'll take some time to make your post better (by your very own instructions)- let others have their opinion and don't be a jerk just because you don't agree with them (Just as i think you are by your post) :)

Dear Anonymous readers

Please, keep calm.

Paul Manoian is a profesional photographer that gives some ideas about how to do a shoot.

Remember, he does it FREE!!