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High Speed Flash Sync: Testing the new Broncolor Move 1200 System

2/24/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

In February 2013, Broncolor Canada invited us to test out the latest Broncolor Move 1200L flash system. With the Phase One 645DF and IQ160, we were able to achieve 1/1600 of a second flash sync speeds and this video features some of those results.

 What’s in the Kit?

The Move 1200 Kits (Outdoor Kit 1 and Outdoor Kit 2) ship in a fancy all-weather rolling backback. The case has a similar feel to my ThinkTank Airport, high quality materials and zippers, with hideaway emergency shoulder straps. The backpack is capable of holding the Move 1200 pack, 2 MobiLED heads with integrated , the Pulsoflex 70×70 softbox, speedring, charger, sync cord, RFS2 trigger and an umbrella. One could probably fit an additional battery inside with some careful packing. The pack also has straps that can be zipped away for holding a tripod or lightstand to the front. The Move 1200 pack itself also comes with it’s own nylon case. The top zips along 3 sides, has a vent on one side for the Move’s integrated fan, and a velcro flap on the opposite side for the dual head attachments.

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Anonymous said...

who the hell is this guy? Shoots with PhaseOne MF camera and >3000$ lightning gear and his photos look like that? i wanted to say "Mike go back to the weddings" but on second thought... it ain't even better!
Sad :(