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EYE AM PROJECT: Let kids change the way we see the world through free workshops in developing countries

6/14/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Yesterday our friend photographer Jens Lennartsson send me an email to explain me his brand new project " EYE AM"


We want to raise the money needed to buy the 20 sets of cameras and computers to make the three first photo workshops for kids in developing countries.

Our goal is to let kids in developing countries change the way we see the world, through photography.

To do this, we need to raise money for the 20 sets of cameras and computers that we are bringing. We will also need to be able to pay for the flight tickets and transportation to the three destinations.


Todays media often creates an unfair picture of the lives of kids in developing countries - how they live and who they are. Poverty. No individuality. No creativity. But that’s a picture that is’t created by those who really know what it looks like. The kids themselves. Together with you, we'll create a more realistic view of the world.

Every kid is a person with her own view of the world. Our goal is to give kids the opportunity to express themselves artistically as a passport to a better and more fulfilling life. As individuals. And we want the world to see it. 

 This is what the book could look like!


When the we’ve finished the first three locations, the amazing people at the publishing company New Heroes and Pioneers will help us make a beautiful coffee-table book with photographs from all the kids. Editors, copywriters and designers will be working on this project without any monetary compensation, which means that almost every cent you contribute with will go directly back to EYE AM.

The book will consist of at least one image from each and every one of the participants of the workshops, together with the kids stories. It will also include photos from behind the scenes.

Give away a bunch of books!

One of the rewards (€620) will let you donate 10 books to a school of your or our choice. In that way, you'll help kids all around the world to learn more about and from each other! Your name/company will be printed in all of those ten books as donor. Give a great present!


Jens and Sara

Jens Lennartsson is a travel and lifestyle photographer. For almost ten years, he’s been doing commercial work and for an upcoming 30th birthday he felt it was time to give something back. By teaching his passion, he’s hoping to be able to make a change and help kids to a more fulfilling life.

Sara Hansson is concept developer and strategic fuel behind EYE AM. When Jens first introduced her to the idea of EYE AM, she saw a plethora of potential and possibilities within it. Sara has a background in creative marketing and is working as social media marketing professional and as a mentor. Art and creativity is her greatest passions in life.

You can contribute now: