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Fire Painting Behind the Scenes: Fired kamehameha by Frederic Amadu

7/22/2013 Matt 0 Comments


The aim of the shoot is to create my own fired kamehameha version with the Luciole team.

First of all I draw a quick and ugly draft to share my idea with the Lucioles.


The setup is a basic strobist one.

1 camera : Canon 5D

2 cobra flashes (AF 50 Metz and Yongnuo YN560-II)

1 wireless flash transmetter (cactus V5)

1 Tripod

2 umbrella

2 light stands


For this shoot, the main light must comes from central character. So I make 4 shoot for each girl by moving my light setup (because I only have 2 flashes)

The camera paramters are 1/200 - F11 - ISO400

Then I shoot the fired circle. Here I use my camera in bulb mode during several secondes with a wired trigger.

A fired rope is used and fixed to a central point.

Then the fired rope is turned around that point to draw a circle on the ground.

The 5 images are then merged in postprod...


I’m a French strobist and fire photographer based near Paris.
The fire and me met by chance. Then, I changed my way to do and think about photography.
Since I regularly work with talented burners (fire jugglers, fire breathers, …) to explore and experiment some new visual entertainments.

Thanks Frederic Amadu for sharing this behind the scenes with ISO 1200.

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