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Glidecam SteadyCam Tutorial by Devinsupertramp

9/26/2013 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

While in Australia had the chance to hang out with Youtube stars Nigahiga and Superwoman! They were both awesome! And I got to do a quick glidecam tutorial with them :)

I use two glidecams, the HD-2000 and 4000. The 2000 works best with DSLR cameras, and the 4000 works even better if filming with a DSLR and it's windy. In this video I'm using the HD-4000 because I'm filming on a Canon 1DC which is twice as heavy as your typical DLSR camera.

Via devingraham

If you like to know more about his workflow and equipment watch DevinSuperTramp: Youtube Video Gear or What's In The Bag?!! What gear should you bring? by Devinsupertramp


Lisa Elfers said...

This is the one I use. glidecam It take a little getting used to, but it definitely does make a difference.