DIY Wireless Camera Control for Canon and Nikon DSLRs over Android WIFI for $30

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With the hacked firmware installed you can use the TP-Link MR3040 ( the same used by Camranger ) as a wifi dongle for you android device. With the DSLR Controller app installed this basically gives you a wireless monitor and controller for your Canon camera. Frame rate isn't full speed, but the refresh rate is more than enough to make this usable. For $30 it's a pretty darn good value.(1)

You can find the installation guide here: www.dslrfilmnoob.com


Do not worry, because, DslrDashboard is an Android application for tethering/controlling your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera connected with USB/wireless to your Android device or through DslrDashboardServer running on OpenWrt router or your Linux device like TP-Link MR3040 . (2)

In this video zawzero explains how to use DslrDashboard

In this tutorial we will install alternative firmware to the TP-Link MR3040 Router and use it to connect to the DSLR via the free software "DSLRDashboard" using an Android Device.
The camera will be connected to the USB Port of the mobile router, so you are able to control all the functions of your DSLR within the WIFI range. (3)

DSLRDashboard Android App on Google Play: play.google.com


Yeah, I have the same problem. In this moment the available solution is the Camranger. But, good news. Helicon Remote ( watch a demo video here ), other company with a similar Android application, explains that a iPad version is in alpha testing stage ( read here )

Text and videos via dslrfilmnoob.comdslrdashboard and zawzero


Peter Wood said...

Do you have any comments on the effectiveness of the MR3040 over the Nikon WU-1a/b? Does the internal battery make for better signal or overall battery life instead of running down the camera's? Does it have similar transfer speeds / frame rates?
I'm keen to know since this MR3040 mod is really appealing but the smaller size of the WU-1b could really be useful too.

Mat ISO said...

With the MR3040 you can control the camera from a long distance. Better than Nikon WU.

jaguarjj said...

hi i got the MR3040 and installed the dslr dashboard firmware to it but when i hit "connect to wrt/linux" button on my android nexus 4 and enter the router's ip address it acts like i did nothing, no response at all, so i downloaded the sysupgrade firmware hoping that would fix the problem but stil nothing , any idea how to solve this plz?

Marc J Webb said...

hi all, any news of this working with the iPad yet, like with the cam ranger app, or the dos control app?? i have an iPad air and am trying my best to do it with this as it is such a great display.



Anonymous said...

DSLR Dashboard is now available for iPad in the iTunes Store for $9.99