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Behind the Scenes Video of "The Color Project": How to build your colored world by Adrien Broom

2/28/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Adrien Broom (website ) is a fine art photographer from Brookyln whose goal is to captivate viewers with imaginative narratives like "The color Project". She has been kind enough to explain more about this project

The color project is a simple exploration of the colors that make up our world, and the journey of growing up. The story is told though a childs eyes, I want each world to be discovered through a place of innocence and simplicity, and once the journey is over, we’ll have a new outlook on the world.
This project randomly came to me when i saw an empty room in a friends house who was re-painting. Everything was covered in white, I thought it was so simple and so beautiful. The Color Project just grew from there.

To design one of these sets I usually have a general idea of the scenario I wish to convey. Then i reach out to everyone I know, whether it be via facebook or conversation, asking what they can think of that embodies this color. From there sketch out multiple set design ideas, source as many things as I can, and start building with my team. We have the general layout, but a large part of the design comes from just playing around in the building phase.

My goal for this project, as with a lot of my work, is to inspire imagination in children and adults alike. 

Building a World of Orange

The final images:

All images © Adrien Broom
Thanks Adrien for sharing with us your project.

Visit Adrien´s website to watch all the behind the scenes videos about this amazing project:

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