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"Released by Love": Another amazing and alternative pre-wedding by Simeon Quarrie

2/19/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This was an unbelievably fun shoot. Though the pre-production was very very tough. I definitely believe that the success of any shoot comes from the preparation.

I had a concept bouncing around in my head. It was sitting in my sketchpad. When I met Nikesh & Lalita a couple of months later over dinner, the subject of their Engagement shoot came up. Lalita wanted something alternative, different and almost gothic. I wanted to do something different, that once again had a commercial standard. Nikesh had no choice in the matter ;) I showed them my sketch and they liked it. Though the subject needed to be re-scripted to fit their story. Once the idea and new drawings were completed, I had the task of making the idea a reality. I had to design the outfits for the couple and cast from undergarments. Picture me walking round with a tape measure around my neck, with ladies underwear on my arm. On second thoughts...don't! This was not a scenario that I had imagined I would ever be in.

The concept:
Sometimes you have to just seize the opportunity. Take who or what you want, despite the seeming restrictions from friends, family or a past that can act as an obstacle. Tied. Unavailable. Restricted. However, wanting to be released. Hence the title, "Released by Love." This would also have an unintentional nod toward the Coppelia story. It was in my subconscious from a performance I saw at a wedding I shot in Venice.

I really hope you enjoy watching this Behind the Scenes video. I am now starting to do a small number of photography and cinema workshops. If you are interested please let us know:


Simeon Quarrie @simeonquarrie

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