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Be your own assistant: How to shoot outdoors on sunny days with flash if you don’t have an assistant by Julius Ise

3/26/2014 Matt 6 Comments

Our friend Julius Ise ( website ) is currently living in Stuttgart, Germany and woking as a self-employed freelance Photographer, focused on people and advertising photography.

Julius explains how to shoot outdoors on sunny days with professional light if don’t have an assistant:  Be your own assistant with a softbox...and the results are amazing!!!:

When I set up a outdoor photo shot for a job I regular have ether heavy light stands with sandbags or assistants holding my Profoto D1 studio flashes. But there are some shots where this is not possible. For example when I’m doing a spontaneous shoot on a sunny day and also when I’m traveling by plane where i can’t bring my heavy equipment at all.

On those days i leave my Profoto D1 studio flashes at home and just use a single system flash combined with a Lastolite Ezybox with a hand grip.

To connect my Nikon SB900 flash to my Nikon D800 camera i use a Nikon TTL cable which I can trust that it works without any problem. Because you hold the flash in your hand you don’t necessary need an air remote trigger, but If you don’t like but the cable there are also different air remote triggers on the market that use TTL and HSS (High Speed Sync).

When shooting with the sun i usually position the model with their back to the sound. doing so allows me to use the sun a a rim light and avoid dark shadows or highlights on their faces. Then I can use the light from the softbox to light their faces nice evenly.

A system flash does not have the power of a big studio flash so this setup fits best for portraits of one person. For most shots I use the flash on full power because I’m shooting with an wide open aperture against the sun. This is only possible with the use of HSS (High Speed Sync) which allows me to shoot with really short exposure times up to 1/8000s. Using this setup i only have a small depth of flied and nice blurred backgrounds.


All images © Julius IseI

Thank a ton Julius Ise  for your invaluable collaboration.

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Hi Julius! Nice technique, and great images! But I'm wondering one thing. How do you keep the EzyBox itself attached to ring around the flash, and keep it from falling off? I have two sizes of EzyBoxes, and both very easily fall off the ring around the flash head. I feel the ring and the box are held together much too loose. Hope you know what I mean.

Keep up the good work!

Eivind Rohne

Unknown said...

Hi Eivind,

i havent experienced any problems like what your telling. my softbox fits perfect on the ring and is not falling of.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, Julius!

I'm wondering if you use a ND-Filter to be able to shoot with such a fast aperture? You wrote that you would use your SB-900 on full power, so you don't use the automatic ittl mode?


Hi what is the lastolite ezybox dimension? thanks

Unknown said...

Yes would love to know dimensions of box thx

Maybe 38cm x 38cm (15" x 15")