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Chris Engman combines sculpting and installations to create iconic photographs

3/21/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Artist Chris Engman was part of the Museum of Photographic Arts' recent Staking Claim exhibition. Here he is interviewed about his work, giving insight into his process and inspiration.

From the series Landscapes © Chris Engman | Foam Magazine #24/Talent
© Chris Engman
© Chris Engman via voodoovoodoo
From the series Landscapes © Chris Engman

My photographs are documentations of sculptures and installations but they are also records of actions and elaborate processes. Days are spent, sometimes with a crew but more often in solitude, silently driving, carrying supplies, erecting structures and sets, and studying the slow progress of the sun overhead and its all-powerful, comfort-giving and –taking effects. Created in close collaboration with the movements of the sun, precisely observed, I see my photographs as acts of reverence and participation in a deep, reassuring natural order outside of and much larger than myself. -saids Chris on his website-

More inspiration:

Video via (MOPA) | Thanks for sharing!
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