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Pentax 645Z Hands-On Field Test :Is this the camera that will restore the popularity of medium format digital?

7/15/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

The Pentax 645Z is the most sophisticated medium format camera ever released. With a new 51 megapixel sensor, live view, and modern DSLR functionality, it's an incredibly versatile tool. It's also the first medium format camera ever to shoot video! The TCSTV crew went out to test the stills, and they met up with their friends at Deluxe Design Group to shoot a movie trailer and test the video capabilities!

Featuring the short film Black and Blue, directed by Chris Krieger

Special thanks to everyone at Deluxe Design Group:

Text and video via

Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Filmed on the Sony A7S and FS700


Anonymous said...

Thank you for yet another thorough and informative review. Very well done as usual. I had an opportunity to use a 64Z and was also very impressed with its capabilities for outdoor and landscape photography. However, when I tested it in a studio environment using high end lighting, I found it very tedious to get accurate skin tones in the camera. If I tweaked the skin then the background went off color and vice versa. I had to do quite a bit of post to get true to life colors but will say that the final IQ were impressive. I was wondering if you tried to shoot the Z with any subjects with skin tones and if so, what was your findings regarding skin tones?