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How Dave Dugdale Photographs Real Estate Interiors

8/19/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Dave Dugdale wrote on his vimeo channel this about this video:
Mike Kelley let me watch his Fstopper's course for free, since I can't return the course like I would a camera from B&H, I need to disclose that I got it for free.
This is a non-review. I do not say if I liked the course or not, rather I show you some of the methods I learned. I don't want to say because this is not a review, I just want to remain neutral since I got this course for free.
Note: I am not using everything I learned from Mike's course in this video, this video is not an indication of what you might be able to do after watching it.
There is also an update on my Sony a7S and GH4 comparison review at the beginning.

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Text and video via Dave Dugdale