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Two Different Worlds: The past and the present in one picture separating with a glass box (Shot with the Nokia Lumia 930)

8/04/2014 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The idea is to combine two different eras in one image whilst separating them via a glass box. Outside the box we see the real world – the now. Inside the box we see the time period of the early 21st century, visualised through a skier in traditional ski clothing from the year 1920 – a time when the glaciers of the earth were still intact and imposing.


Photographer Marcel Lämmerhirt – -- talks about his new project with Red Bull Photography:
My latest project is not about me,it´s about us... with the project two different worlds i will show the change in our nature with different topics. the first topic is the melting of our glaciers.

More info: | Text via Nokia