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DIY Bank Lights for $71 vs DIY LED Kino lights for $52

2/15/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Two different approaches to make a DIY Bank Lights. A perfect project for a raining weekend. Basic Filmmaker presents a DIY Bank Light - Cheap, inexpensive and great for green screen.

Here the list of materials:

Shop Light:
Light Bulbs:
Mounting Brackest:

In the other side Chung Dha makes something simple, portable and cheap with a LED Strip 9w:

Cannot find the CRI on this product but the LED kind have various report from minimum 80 up to 98. The LED used are 5630 LED and seem most say high output and high CRI rating. But personally I find the video of my helmet shot with this light the colors are spot on and I didn't use any grading only set the kelvin value to 6000K in camera. -explains Chung-

For the full parts list click the link below: