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Photographer Little Shao Freezes the Action in Cuba with Profoto High-Speed Sync

2/02/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

With the new High-Speed Sync (HSS) upgrade installed in his B1 Off-Camera Flash, photographer Little Shao was able to shoot with shutter speeds as fast as 1/8000 of a second. Did it make a difference? See for yourself.

Una foto publicada por LITTLESHAOšŸ“· (@littleshao) el

Embarking on a photographic journey through the vibrant streets of La Havana and Trinidad, I, Little Shao, a Paris-based photographer, set out to test the capabilities of the Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash, particularly its new High-Speed Synch system. The sun-soaked landscapes of Cuba provided the ideal backdrop to push the boundaries and explore the potential of this innovative technology.

During extreme sunshine conditions, the Caribbean island offered a challenging yet perfect setting to put the High-Speed Synch system to the test. Collaborating with various performers, he sought to capture dynamic shots that would showcase the system's ability to freeze fast-paced movements and eliminate motion blur.

His first encounter was with the talented and graceful dancer, Soleila. The challenge lay in capturing a sharp image without any motion blur as she twirled and played with her ribbon against the backdrop of harsh daylight. The High-Speed Synch system proved to be a game-changer, allowing me to increase the shutter speed and unleash my creativity. The result was a series of images that were previously unattainable in such challenging daylight conditions.

In another captivating shot, Little Shao experimented with a wide-open aperture of F1.4, creating a dark yet compelling environment that was once impossible to achieve in bright daylight. The Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash's High-Speed Synch system opened up new possibilities for creative expression, giving me the freedom to explore unconventional settings and lighting conditions.

Trinidad introduced me to Bboy 90, one of the island's finest dancers known for his dynamic moves. Performing under the intense midday sun brought forth strong shadows, posing a challenge I had faced before – freezing fast movements perfectly in harsh daylight. A comparison of images illustrated the transformative power of the upgraded Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash with High-Speed Synch. No longer plagued by motion blur, the upgraded system allowed me to capture clear and sharp shots even in the most challenging lighting situations.

As an action photographer, the Profoto B1 with High-Speed Synchronization has revolutionized my approach. It elevates my ability to shape and freeze fast movements, pushing my creativity to new heights. The Profoto B1 Off-Camera Flash, with its High-Speed Synch system, is more than a tool – it's a revolutionary force that empowers photographers to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of action photography.


Photographer : Little Shao
Video Recap by : Kreate Lamine
Dancer With Ribbon : Soleila Chaou (France)
BreakDancer : Bboy 90 (Cuba)
Skateboarder : Jessy (Cuba)
Music: Trio Sabor Cubano - Chan Chan


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