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Experience Collector - Behind the scenes with Sean Izzard

4/23/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The Pool Collective (Pool) started in 2008, with the idea of giving artists a way to contribute freely to all aspects of the commercial creative process in order to maintain the integrity of their work, improve collaboration with agencies, clients and other artists during production, and also to initiate a wider conversation on how to share their experience to cultivate the next wave of image-makers.

Since then Pool have successfully built upon these ideas, with the seven artists working in the realms of photography and motion, seeking to develop creative partnerships with other artists both commercially and privately, and to foster beneficial relationships with organisations, clients and agencies domestically and abroad.

Pool aims not only to produce the best result between brand and client collaborations, but also to make a connection between audiences and fine art through innovative concepts that involve all the members of the collective, such as The Pool Collective iPad app and projects such as the Pool Grant, which offers financial support and mentoring to up-and-coming talent.

Text and video via The Pool Collective