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The MirvishScope Lens System: A unique two-handed lens system for Canon DSLRs

6/28/2015 Matt 0 Comments

Introducing: MIRVISHSCOPE, a two-handed lens system that gives a unique way to add reflections, flares, and distortion to any still or moving image. It offers some of the same creative control as tilt-shift, bokeh or lens whacking systems, but gives a totally original look for the final image, as well as a completely unique user experiencefor the camera operator or photographer. This is also one of the cheapest lenses available and fits any Canon DSLR (from a C300 to a 7D, and even down to a Rebel!).

When you get the MirvishScope as a reward, we can help you make your next film, while you help us make ours. You can only get one HERE by donating to our kickstarter campaign.

These handcrafted lenses assembled in Dan's garage can be yours for only a $35 (plus shipping) contribution to his Kickstarter campaign for his new film "Bernard and Huey" (with a script by Pulitzer/Oscar/Obie-winner Jules Feiffer!).

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