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(NSFW/18+) | "What Makes a Glam Nude Look?": Dan Hostettler explains his 2-Light Setup

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Soft series are more sensitive and elegant than bold glamour portraiture and nudity itself is often times rather implied than explicit. In my opinion, “sensual/soft” is also a synonym for an aspect of “boudoir photography”.

Dan Hostettler´s new book

Glamour is primarily meant to tease and flirt with the viewer but never crosses the border to pornography and erotica at all. Subjects are portrayed in alluring and exciting ways ranging from fully sexy dressed to nude. Effective. Alluring. Playful. Seducing.

"What Makes a Glam Nude Look?"

  • Beautifying & Styling: Has to be bold, accentuated and colorful. Depending on the places, series and messages you are shooting, you for sure have to adapt the hair (voluminous, elegant, wild, etc.) and outfits (bedroom juice = lingerie / baroque gloom = corsage & stockings / evening glam = robe & high heels / etc.). Note: It’s all relying on the message you want to send.

  • Lighting: Create a crispier, edgy light by using a beauty dish. Incorporate at least one additional light like a hair or side light. This gives the overall image style a more gloomy and accentuated look. A side light helps to separate the models body from the background or just to better highlight her curves. A hair light is necessary to modulate the structure in a more appealing way (in this set done with the ambient light). And if you are up for a 4th light: Illuminate a location’s background in a manner that adds some more characteristic to the full story (here in my set I’ve used the ambient light to do this job).

  • Don’t forget to pinpoint catch lights.

  • Posing: Alluring, playful, seducing. Let the model interplay with the camera (= viewers), let her act appealingly sexy. Hands, lips, and expressions are important, too.

  • Composition: If shooting on location, integrate the features and atmosphere into the series and story. Every little additional detail helps you to lead a message without having to create it on your own. Take advantage of your set! Shoot loose, crop tight.

Text, image and video via Dan Hostettler

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