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The NEW SIGMA WR CERAMIC PROTECTOR: A super resistant protective lens filter featuring Clear Glass Ceramic

12/16/2015 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Glass ceramic (crystallized glass) is an extremely tough material with many applications in aerospace and other industries. SIGMA has taken this material to the next level in the form of Clear Glass Ceramic, maximizing its transmittance to make it ideal for optical devices.

The SIGMA WR CERAMIC PROTECTOR is a protective lens filter featuring Clear Glass Ceramic, which means it offers outstanding strength and reliability. In the chemically strengthened glass used in conventional high-strength protective filters, only the surface is strengthened through chemical processes.

In contrast, Clear Glass Ceramic is made with a special process that precipitates microcrystalline spinel evenly throughout, giving the entire filter consistent strength. Combining much greater hardness than chemically strengthened glass and greater flexibility than sapphire crystal glass, Clear Glass Ceramic is the ideal material for protective filters. 

Clear Glass Ceramic is also resistant to cracking due to small scratches or chips, reducing the risk of shattering and producing fragments. These properties allow Clear Glass Ceramic to provide superior shock resistance to the front of the lens and trustworthy protection in all photographic environments. 

Leverage the optical performance and expertise built into the SIGMA GLOBAL VISION series of lenses and experience the power of the true protector.

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