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Behind The Scenes "Wingsuit Flashed Photo" by Tristan Shu & Elinchrom

1/18/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today we share a part of the interview with Tristan Shu (website), a photographer based in Annecy (France), specializing in adventure and extreme sports photography, describes his latest adventure, photographing an athlete flying in a wingsuit over the Alps.

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How did you took the photograph?

I was suspended from a two-people paraglide, from behind, facing the opposite direction. This positioning was quite challenging for take off and landing, much more difficult than on a tandem paraglide. However, it allowed me to face the wingsuiter when he flew by my side. The pilot of the paraglide was also holding the flash, which drastically complicated his maneuvers. There are not a lot of people with whom I could have taken this picture; you must really trust the pilot and the wingsuiter. Nevertheless, by being suspended beneath the pilot, and having the wingsuiter flying close by, it truly enabled to fire the flash properly so that we could obtain an interesting lighting.

What are the technical limits that prevent you from realizing such a photoshoot?

In terms of techniques, this photoshoot could not have been possible with a normal flash synchronization, such as a 1/250 limit. The HSS also would have taken away too much power in my case. Only the HyperSync and Elinchrom’s latest Hi-Sync technology with the new Skyport Plus HS made it work.

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