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How Manchul Kim used cheap laser pointers to photograph an album cover

1/11/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I had a photoshoot with electro rock band Love X Stereo.I worked on the cover of their upcoming album .

The basic idea was to create a kaleidoscope-esque image out of acrylic mirrors and lazers.
My 50mm lens had to fit in the kaleidoscope, so I bought three large pieces of acrylic mirrors for about 10 bucks and wrapped around the lens like a trigonal prism.

I used lazer pointers, smog, and Westcott’s ICE light 2. I added a gelatin filter on the ICE light to bring up the color.

And I widened the lazer pointer emitter as wide as possible, so that the lazer came out its thickest. The overall setup was pretty simple. Once we started the photoshoot, we were all stunned by the mesmerizing outcome.

It took relatively very short time to create this perfect image that we all wanted.Love X Stereo just kickstarted a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming EP. If you like their music,
please check the link below to know more about the band and send your support.

This post was originally published on by Korean Photographer Manchul Kim

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