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#BehindtheGlass || Retouching Tips with Beth Sternbaum

4/02/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Beth Sternbaum (website) is a  Freelance photographer Los Angeles-based, specializing in beauty, skincare, and jewelry photography as well as high end retouching. In their latest video, a.a. productions show us  Beth´s workflow.

Sure your will love  his retouching tips. This is the final image:

Final image | © Beth Sternbaum

Some examples of Beth Sternbaum´s images shared on Instagram:

Una foto publicada por Beth Sternbaum (@bethsternbaum) el

Una foto publicada por Beth Sternbaum (@bethsternbaum) el

For more info: or

Video thanks to a.a. productions

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