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How photographer Joseph Parry focused at f/1.2 for a selfie with a Canon 6D

4/03/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Our friends of  DIY Photography (link) have shared this easy and useful tutorial by English Portrait / Fashion Photographer Joseph Parry. Self portraits can be a nightmare, but with this method and practice you will get cool a selfie.

Joseph has a new website (link) "Check it out and if you're looking for portraits"

Today I'm running you through how I setup my Canon 6D for those ultra shallow apertures. How to focus and how to use the flash (turn off live view for the flash to work while tethered).

Hope this helps you up your selfie game!

-said Joseph Parry on YouTube -

And this is the result:


Photographer: Joseph Parry
Backdrop: Gravity Backdrops -
Music: Funky Fella - Dying Guitar
Additional Help and Advice:
Udi Tirosh -
Martin Moore -

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Text and video via JParryPhotography ( H/T via )

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