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New TRIOPLAN - Soap Bubble Bokeh - F2,8 100MM Review

4/29/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

On this new show I will review for you some weird Lenses that can work on your mirrorless cameras for photos and videos.

I received this box from MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ and inside is the new trioplan 100mm 2.8 for E mount

They sent it so I can review it for a month. MEYER-OPTIK-GÖRLITZ recreated this lens with a kickstarter campaign that got more than 359 451$

The first Trioplan was released 100 years ago and this new version is based on the original plans of the lens.

Conclusion :

The trioplan is not made to be a realistic lens, it’s more like a creative tool,
Some people will not like the soap bubble bokeh and the general look of the lens.

And if you dont like it, dont buy it,Ask me what kind of lens you want me to review for the next episodes.

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Here are some photos for you to see in high resolution.

  This article and all the images were originally published on Mathieu Stern´s blog (here) and shared with his permission

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