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Natural light with flash with Adam Angelides

5/02/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Sometimes the ambient light is just perfect. But usually it’s not. It’s too bright. It’s too dark. It’s the middle of the day when you want a glowing sunset.

That's why we use flash. With flash you’re in full control. If it’s too bright you use it to overpower the sun. If it’s too dark you light up your subject. If it’s the wrong time of day you add an orange color gel and create your own sunset.

The trick is to make it look natural. People shouldn’t be able to notice the flash light. They should pay attention to the image, not the technique behind it. 

In this video, commercial photographer Adam Angelides shows you how. He uses color gels to recreate warm sunlight. He uses a large and deep umbrella as fill light. He uses High Speed Sync to control the ambient light. He uses gels to create a flare. All this in under five minutes.

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About Adam Angelides:

Adam Angelides photographerAdam is a commercial photographer commissioned for this vision. He has directed and produced several highly successful global campaigns. His images deliver a worldwide message for his clients, putting their brand firmly front and centre.

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